Our Chiropractors In Atlanta

At AICA Orthopedics, our Atlanta chiropractors are passionate about your health and healing. Chiropractic care has been around for centuries but has been more recently recognized as a valuable part of healthcare that promotes overall health and wellness. It focuses on correcting spinal misalignments to increase the function of the central nervous system as well as joint health and improved range of motion and decrease of pain through addressing musculoskeletal system function. The benefits of chiropractic care have been thoroughly studied and found to help the body’s systems work together optimally for the health of the whole person. With our dedicated Atlanta chiropractors at AICA Orthopedics, we strive to help you do just that. We believe that the better the body can utilize its own healing powers as function together as a whole, the better you will move and feel.

What Do Our Atlanta Chiropractors Treat?

Most people associate chiropractors with treating back and neck pain. While this is a critical part of what Atlanta chiropractors do, they have a lot more to offer. Spinal alignment is critical for body support and function. Misalignments can lead to all kinds of dysfunction within the body. Chronic back and neck pain can be caused by spinal misalignments. The neck supports the head and for every inch the head moves forward, about ten pounds of pressure is added. This can lead to both pain and headaches. It also helps with sciatic pain pinched nerve pain to alleviate pressure on nerves. Chiropractic care is also a safe and natural way to alleviate migraine pain. Research shows that removing misalignments removes nerve interference for optimal nerve communication. When the brain can communicate with the rest of the body, it can increase immune system health, improve digestion, help lower blood pressure, along with many other things. Patients have sought help for fertility issues, relief during pregnancy, as well as whiplash, muscle numbness or tingling, or even stress. See that the possibilities are endless with chiropractic care from AICA Orthopedics in Atlanta.

About Our Chiropractors in Atlanta

Professional AICA chiropractors in Atlanta are experts in their field. They have years of knowledge and experience working with a variety of patients with all types of pain of injury. Our Atlanta chiropractors are highly trained in the treatment and care of the musculoskeletal system. They also strive to stay current in the world of chiropractic care by keeping up to date in research and new chiropractic developments to give you the most advanced treatment and highest quality of care. Our chiropractors in Atlanta put your health first and design individualized treatment plans to meet your specific needs. They are dedicated professionals that will provide the utmost quality of care to bring about pain relief so you can get back to living your best life.

Cooperative Care From Atlanta Chiropractors And Others

What makes AICA Orthopedics in Atlanta stand out above the rest is that we offer comprehensive services all in one convenient location. Our chiropractors are not just limited to their field of care. They are able to work alongside and cooperate with other specialties in order to ensure all your health needs are met and nothing gets overlooked. Orthopedic specialists, pain management specialists, radiologists, and physical therapists alike collaborate with chiropractors to address whole body health for recovery and healing. In addition to a team of specialists, our facilities also house high-tech imaging services for Atlanta chiropractors to utilize in better diagnosing and treating specific injuries or areas of pain. MRI scans or digital X Rays are extremely valuable tools that allow chiropractors to take a closer look inside the body to accurately diagnose the source of pain. They can then move forward with a specific treatment plan that addresses the root cause of injury or pain. These invaluable resources along with knowledgeable orthopedic doctors make AICA Orthopedics one of the leading places to receive comprehensive care, all in one convenient location.

Choose AICA for Hope and Healing From Chiropractors

When you choose to partner with AICA chiropractors in Atlanta, you are sure to be highly satisfied with the results. Our experiences and techniques allow us to produce positive outcomes for our patients that help them get back to a normal way of life, free from dysfunction and pain. Locate our nearest AICA Orthopedics facility and begin the journey towards recovery. We value our patients’ health and want nothing more than to walk alongside you throughout the entire recovery process. From start to finish, our team of Atlanta chiropractors and orthopedic specialists will support you and provide high-quality care to see that you become the best and healthiest you. We look forward to working with you towards whole body health and healing so that living pain-free becomes your new normal.

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