Ulnar Collateral Ligament Tears

Injury Recovery, Joint Pain | Jul 29, 2022

Treating a Torn Ligament in the Elbow

Elbow injuries can be extremely frustrating to deal with, and they can sideline you from your favorite activities for months. Thankfully, the team at AICA Orthopedics is experienced in treating torn ligaments in the elbow and can advise you on the best treatment options for your particular situation. Ulnar Collateral…

Treat Shoulder Instability

Injury Recovery | Jul 29, 2022

How to Treat Shoulder Instability

Your shoulder is one of the most important joints in your body. Along with muscles, ligaments, and tendons, the shoulder joints attach the arm to your body. The shoulder is the most flexible and complex joint in the entire body. Shoulder Anatomy Three main bones make up the shoulder: The…

consult Opioids

Injury Recovery | Jul 23, 2022

How Orthopedic Doctors Can Help Reduce Opioid Use After Surgery

You may have heard about the opioid epidemic currently affecting Americans. These powerful drugs used to decrease pain can lead to addiction or deadly overdose when used improperly. An increase in opioid use and abuse has led to many people choosing alternative treatment and rehabilitation options. Before surgery, your doctor…

Causes of a Dislocated Hip

Injury Recovery | Jul 5, 2022

Did I Dislocate My Hip?

A hip dislocation occurs when the ball of the hip joint is pushed out of the socket. It is commonly caused by a car crash, high-impact fall, workplace injury, or sports injury. A dislocated hip must be treated quickly to avoid serious long-term problems as a result of the injury.…

Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

Injury Recovery | Jun 29, 2022

Is Trigger Finger the Same as Carpal Tunnel? 

Pain in the hands can be difficult, especially if you work with your hands in any way. People often attribute this pain to both trigger finger and carpal tunnel syndrome, but not everyone understands the difference between the two. While both conditions affect the hands, they can manifest in different…

Hip Replacements

Injury Recovery | Jun 29, 2022

Are Hip Replacements and Hip Reconstructions the Same Thing?

The hip is primarily responsible for holding up the weight of your body while allowing you to walk, run, sit, and perform many activities of daily living with ease. If your hip is injured, whether from injury or aging, it can severely limit your quality of life. Whether you are…

Most Common Ankle & Foot Injuries

Injury Recovery | Jun 28, 2022

Most Common Ankle & Foot Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries affect millions of people every year. Listed below are ten of the most common injuries in the foot and ankle. If you are dealing with any symptoms of a foot or ankle injury, we welcome you to reach out to AICA to ensure that you receive…

Reducing Back Pain from Office Jobs

Injury Recovery | Jun 23, 2022

Reducing Back Pain from Office Jobs

While office jobs should be pain-free, they can actually take a serious toll on your body, especially on your back. Most people think that chronic back pain is only the result of heavy lifting or repetitive motion, but inactivity like a desk job can also cause chronic back pain. Back…

What is a TFCC Tear

Injury Recovery, Joint Pain | Jun 23, 2022

What is a TFCC Tear?

TFCC stands for triangular fibrocartilage complex. It is an intricate structure made up of ligaments, tendons, and cartilage that supports and stabilizes your wrist. The bones in your forearm connect to the bones in your wrist with the help of TFCC. One cause of wrist pain could come from a…

Weight and Diabetes Impact Your Joint Replacement

Injury Recovery, Joint Pain | Jun 23, 2022

How Weight and Diabetes Impact Your Joint Replacement

Do you have chronic joint pain and mobility issues that keep you from going about your daily routines or participating in activities you used to enjoy? Whether your joint pain developed after a car accident injury or because of debilitating arthritis, sometimes the best option to resolve your pain and…

Common Injuries That Sideline Football Players

Injury Recovery | Jun 18, 2022

5 Common Injuries That Sideline Football Players

Whether you play football or are simply an avid fan, you understand that injuries can happen to anyone. When you tune in to watch the next big game, the announcers start listing off the various players who cannot play because of football injuries. You hear things like “torn ACL” or…

Most Common Causes of Heel Pain

Injury Recovery | Jun 18, 2022

Most Common Causes of Heel Pain

The last thing you want to deal with when going about your day is heel pain. Sometimes you don’t realize just how much you rely on your feet to get you where you need to go until the pain starts to interrupt. Heel pain may occur because of a heel…

You Need to Know About Hip Flexor Strains

Chiropractic | Jun 18, 2022

5 Things You Need to Know About Hip Flexor Strains

Everyone experiences some kind of hip pain during their lifetime. There are so many things that can cause hip pain, and one of those causes has to do with muscle strains. The hip flexors are a group of muscles that connect movements of your lower back, hips, and legs. These…

Injury Recovery | Jun 3, 2022

Symptoms of a Brain Bleed after Hitting Your Head

It’s fairly common knowledge in this day and age that if you suffer a severe head injury, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible. However, among people with this knowledge, the common assumption is that this is because you may have a concussion or similar brain injury…

What to Say When Someone Is Hurt in an Accident

After An Accident | May 31, 2022

What to Say When Someone Is Hurt in an Accident

If you have ever been in an accident, then you understand just how scary and traumatic it can be both physically and emotionally. The shock and stress of getting into an accident and dealing with the aftermath can be difficult to shoulder alone. One of the best things you can…

How to Calm Down from a Panic Attack

Health and Wellness | May 31, 2022

How to Calm Down from a Panic Attack

You may have heard of a panic attack, but how do you know if you've experienced one? If you suffer a panic attack, you may experience sudden and intense feelings of anxiety and fear. Some people have even mistaken a panic attack for a heart attack! The symptoms of a…

What to Do After a Car Accident That’s Not Your Fault

Neurology | May 30, 2022

Can Whiplash Cause Neurological Problems?

One of the most common injuries associated with a car accident, whiplash is often brushed off as something that heals easily and is not a lasting problem. While this is true in some cases, the damage done to your body during a car accident, especially during the motion involved in…

Scoliosis Occur

Injury Recovery | May 27, 2022

Different Types of Scoliosis and Causes

An abnormal curve in the spine is known as scoliosis. A typical shape of the spine has a forward curve near your shoulders and a forward curve in the lower back. When the spine curves from side to side, like the letter S or C, then you may have scoliosis.…

types of headache

Accident FAQS | May 27, 2022

What Causes Headaches in the Back of the Head and Neck?

While headaches are a very common ailment that everyone has dealt with, many don't realize how many types of headaches there are. Everything from the location of the pain to what it feels like can vary depending upon the cause of the headache, and this information can be crucial to…

What to Do After a Car Accident That’s Not Your Fault

Accident FAQS | May 27, 2022

What to Do After a Car Accident That’s Not Your Fault

Getting into a car accident is the last thing you want to deal with, especially when it wasn’t even your fault! Not only does dealing with a car accident take a lot of your time, but it can also be a traumatic experience. If you didn’t see a car accident…

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