Neck Pain Treatment

Millions of Americans receive neck pain treatment every year. Just about everyone has some sort of neck pain in a given year, and about 18% of Americans report suffering from severe neck pain. Neck pain can originate in the top of the neck near the base of the head, in the shoulders and lower neck, or in the neck with shooting pain down your arms.

Neck pain can be caused by muscle tightness, poor spinal posture, or frequent stress. It may even be the result of something as simple as how you sleep or twisting too quickly. For many, movement of the neck from side to side or up and down causes the pain to increase. Whiplash as a result of car accidents is a very common cause of neck pain. Whatever type of neck pain is causing problems, it almost certainly affects the ability to be active and productive.

Seeing a neck specialist at AICA Orthopedics is a great option to address neck pain of any kind, no matter how frequent or severe. Specialists diagnose problems and treat symptoms with a variety of innovative methods and comprehensive tests. Orthopedic doctors at AICA focus on finding and treating the root cause of the neck pain to bring about much-needed long-term relief.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain can be caused by a variety of issues. Sleeping in the wrong position can cause neck pain, as can tension and stress carried in the neck and shoulders. Joints can also play a part in neck pain. Degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, bring about wear and tear on the joints in the neck and other areas.

Pinched nerves or inflammation in the neck can be extremely painful, and poor posture or sitting at a desk for long periods of time can lead to increased neck pain. Neck compression is painful and a common issue.  For many, whiplash from a car accident leaves them with symptoms of chronic neck pain if the injury is not addressed soon after the accident.

Neck pain can also lead to arm pain, making simple tasks very difficult. Whatever your cause of neck pain, it doesn’t have to be something you just have to deal with daily. Instead, turn to the neck specialists at AICA to diagnose issues and offer neck pain treatment for relief.

Neck Pain Diagnostics


X-Rays can be performed to show your physician if there has been a spinal issue, such as a misalignment that is causing your neck pain. The X-Ray will give your specialist the images they need to assess your skeletal damage.


If your neck pain is determined to be caused by more than just skeletal trauma or degeneration, you might undergo an MRI scan to determine if you have strained or injured any of the soft tissue in your neck.


Seeing a Neck Pain Specialist

Neck pain treatment is a proven way to decrease symptoms of frequent or chronic pain. The first and most important step when you visit a specialist is to diagnose the root cause of neck pain. Sometimes, you may experience neck pain that may not actually be coming from a problem in the neck. Identifying the root issue allows specialists to move forward with appropriate and effective care.

A physical examination can help specialists determine the original cause of the problem, and imaging such as X-rays or MRIs can tell us more about your neck injury as well. Specialists use X-ray imaging to look for misalignments or degeneration of the neck. MRIs or CT scans can show herniated discs or problems with muscles, tendons, or cartilage of the neck. An EMG, or Electromyography, will assess nerve damage or dysfunction.

With high tech imaging at AICA Orthopedics, orthopedic specialists are able to pinpoint the source of neck pain. Knowing the exact cause of pain allows neck specialists to work together to create a comprehensive neck pain treatment plan that is best able to meet your needs and address neck pain.

Neck Pain Treatment Options

After diagnosing the problem, neck specialists can move forward with a plan to address your pain. Many work side-by-side with physical therapists who can also work with you to decrease symptoms of pain. Physical therapists work towards strengthening muscles and increasing the range of motion to increase stabilization of the neck, work out stress and tension, and bring about relief.

Physical therapists also work with those who have experienced painful symptoms of whiplash to reduce stiffness and soreness after an accident. If neck surgery is required, a physical therapist will assist with the recovery process to provide as quick and as easy as a recovery process as possible.

Other non-invasive options may include FDA-approved cold laser therapy and cervical spinal decompression to offer relief at the source of pain and surrounding areas. Wearing a neck brace can stabilize the neck to allow for faster healing and reduce the risk of re-injury. Chiropractors look at the musculoskeletal system to see if any vertebrae are twisted, turned, or out of place.

These vertebrae are known as spinal misalignments that can cause pinched nerves, tension and pulling the neck, or other types of conditions that could be causing neck pain. With a gentle adjustment, chiropractors at AICA can correct spinal misalignments to relieve pressure or pulling in the nerves and muscles of the neck.

Further neck pain treatment options from interventional spine specialists at AICA for more severe injuries or pain can include epidurals, facet blocks, or nerve ablation. While our non-surgical treatment options work for almost all patients, sometimes surgery is necessary. If you’re a candidate for surgery, AICA Orthopedics has a team of orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons who can provide the surgery you need for your neck injuries. After surgery, you can continue care at AICA Orthopedics with our post-surgical physical therapy treatment plans.

Whether minor or serious, AICA orthopedic neck specialists will work to find a solution to annoying and frustrating neck pain. Your neck is a vital part of the body and should be treated with extreme care. Be sure to choose orthopedic specialists that you can trust to bring relief and healing safely and effectively. The sooner you seek care for neck pain, the sooner you can get back to participating in the activities you love most. Many others have found neck pain relief at AICA, and you can too!

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