Car Accident Orthopedic Doctor

Car Accident Orthopedic Doctor If you have been in a car accident, recovery from injuries can take time and rest.  The sooner you visit an orthopedic doctor after a car accident, the sooner your body can begin to recover and heal.  The right car accident orthopedic doctor for you may depend upon what type of pain or injuries you sustained.  At first, you may feel just fine.  But after the shock and surprise of an accident begins to wear off, you may begin to notice signs and symptoms of pain.  Pain from a car accident can manifest itself for several days or weeks after an accident. Musculoskeletal injuries are the most common types of injuries to occur from a car accident. To address your condition before it worsens, be sure to seek treatment from an orthopedic doctor that specializes in treating car accident injuries.  But it can be hard to find a doctor you can trust.  If you are searching for a “car accident orthopedic doctor near me”, choose AICA Orthopedics for comprehensive care you can rely on to alleviate musculoskeletal pain.

Car Accident Chiropractors

Back or neck pain is a common complaint after a car accident.  Spinal injuries can occur as a result of being involved in a crash.  AICA Orthopedics on-site chiropractors are committed to treating musculoskeletal injuries that cause pain.  Chronic pain can result from not receiving the appropriate treatment after an accident.  Don’t let that happen to you.  If you have been in an accident, it is likely that your body, specifically your spine is out of alignment.  Accident Chiropractors at AICA perform gentle adjustments that restore proper alignment as well as remove nerve interference that could lead to considerable problems down the line.  They seek to get to the root cause of pain for lasting relief that medications can’t always provide.  Chiropractors can also relieve pressure on muscles and nerves that could be the cause of pain or a decrease in range of motion.  This safe and natural method utilizes the body’s natural healing abilities to bring about pain relief quickly and efficiently.

Physical Therapist

Symptoms of being in a car crash can include stiff, sore muscles, dizziness or fatigue, loss of range of motion, tingling in the upper extremities, headaches, or sometimes blurred vision.  Physical therapy after a car accident can aid in the recovery process to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, increase range of motion, and keep the pain at bay. Our physical therapists utilize specific physical exercises that target problem areas so you can bounce back quickly from injuries.

Orthopedic Specialists

If you have suffered a car accident, orthopedic doctors are specifically trained to treat injuries of the bones, joints, or nerves.  Broken bones or damaged soft tissue often occur after a collision.  These types of injuries don’t always go away on their own, and even if they do, there can be long term results from lack of treatment.  Sometimes degenerative diseases such as arthritis, hip bursitis, tendonitis or spinal stenosis can be the result of an auto accident injury that wasn’t treated properly.  Avoid these painful conditions with treatment from our experienced orthopedic specialists at AICA Orthopedics. Orthopedic specialists will examine the body to find signs of injury such as pain in the hips, shoulders, feet, hands, or other parts of the musculoskeletal system to develop an effective treatment plan designed to help you manage pain and heal completely.

Spine Specialist

AICA Car Accident Orthopedic Doctor Although one would hope that everybody walks away from car accidents with just minor scratches and bruises, that isn’t always the case.  A car accident can significantly damage the spine, in which case, it is imperative that you receive the best care from a highly qualified spine specialist. The force of a collision can lead to herniated discs or even spinal fractures.  If you suffer from one of these conditions because of a car accident, orthopedic doctors such as our experienced spine specialists can perform a number of procedures from spinal fusion and vertebroplasty to laminectomy or discectomy to correct these spinal conditions.


Car accidents can lead to neurological injuries such as fractures in the back or neck, soft tissue injuries to the spine or neck, or concussion from hitting your head during an accident.  A neurologist specializes in neurological injuries after a car accident.  If you feel any signs or symptoms such as forgetfulness, headaches, dizziness, numbness and tingling, sensitivity to light, nausea or vomiting, these could be signs of injury that require the expertise of a neurologist.  Delayed symptoms after an accident are not uncommon.  Be sure to be treated even several days after an accident should you feel out of the ordinary at any point.  Injuries of the head, spine, or neck can heal with rest and treatment from our AICA Orthopedics neurologists.

Don’t ignore symptoms of pain or injury after a car accident as you only risk symptoms worsening.  Seek treatment from our AICA specialists that are experienced in helping those who have been in a car accident.  Call to schedule your appointment as soon as possible after an accident for comprehensive care that meets your needs.