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Alternative Medicine

If you’re dealing with a chronic condition, living with intense pain, or recovering from an injury, you want to find relief fast. It can be overwhelming to explore all of the possible options and make the best decision, all in a timely manner to help you experience a quick respite from the discomfort. Oftentimes, we look to the fastest and most traditional method of relief, but that is not always the most effective.

Alternative medicine and unconventional treatment methods are often less invasive and more effective than other treatments, and they can be done immediately and require a much shorter recovery time, if any. By pursuing an alternative treatment option as opposed to a standardized one, a patient can avoid undue stress, recovery related pain, and costly procedures.

Here at AICA Orthopedics, we are committed to your complete healing and wellness, and we are proud to provide comprehensive care options to get you the best treatment for your particular situation and need. We offer a variety of alternative therapy options that are overseen by the best specialists in Atlanta. Don’t suffer any longer with needless pain and injury. Contact our team to begin your journey to wellness today!

Alternative Treatment Methods


Chiropractic care focuses on the health of the central nervous system and its importance in your entire body’s function. It emphasizes the importance of spinal alignment for reduced pain, increased mobility, and ideal body function, health, and wellness.

Regenerative Medicine

This form of alternative treatment utilizes the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It employs rejuvenation to enhance self-healing properties of cells, it makes use of replacement therapies that can introduce a new organ or cells to a non-working part of the body, and it utilizes regeneration in the form of tissue-specific cells by delivering them directly to an injured or diseased area.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Blood is comprised of plasma, white cells, red cells, and platelets. The platelets are packed with proteins, which are invaluable in the process of regeneration and healing. In this type of alternative treatment, blood is drawn from the patient and is then placed into a centrifuge to separate the parts of the blood. The platelets are made more concentrated and are then mixed with the other parts of the blood and injected into the body. PRP injections are done to speed up healing in soft tissue injuries and to encourage regrowth of new cells. Conditions commonly treated using PRP are tendon injuries, muscle and ligament injuries, healing after surgery, fractures, and arthritic limbs.

Cold Laser Therapy

This treatment utilizes cold lasers to increase blood flow to an injured area, increase cell reproduction and regeneration of cells, and to bring about instant relief through the warmth of the laser. Also referred to as Low Level Laser Therapy, this treatment can be incredibly effective for those suffering from pain that would like to avoid medication-based therapy. This is a great alternative treatment method for soft tissue injuries and joint pain. Those who are coping with chronic and acute pain will find great relief from the utilization of this pain management technique.

Spinal Decompression

This therapy utilizes a technologically advanced decompression table that slowly and gently lengthens the spine to pull nutrients into the intervertebral discs, nearby muscles, and soft tissues in the area. When used properly, it can promote natural repositioning in the spine, and can even cause the body to rush nutrients that heal to the discs affected. It can help with disc diseases and problems, spinal cord injuries, chronic back pain, and more. If you think you may be a candidate for spinal decompression or traction therapy, contact our specialists today.


Physiotherapy treats a number of conditions with a variety of physical methods, including joint manipulation, massage therapy, physical exercises, and more. It can help improve function, mobility, and health after an accident, injury, or disease. Various types of physiotherapy techniques include sports and work injuries, biomechanical analysis, exercise, acupuncture, and dry needling, and even kinesiology. An accomplished physiotherapist understands the human body in a mechanical way and helps to provide relief by exercising it in a similar way to an automotive mechanic.

Stem Cell

Stem cells are non-specific cells that have the ability to become a specific type of cell based on the needs of the body. Stem cells can be removed from adults and reinjected into certain areas to enhance healing in an injury or area of pain or illness. In recent years, many musculoskeletal injuries have begun to be treated with the use of stem cell therapy. These injuries can occur in ligaments, cartilage, tendons, and bone, and can leave an individual with lasting side effects if left untreated. Stem cells can help to accelerate the natural healing process. The sorts of specific injuries that have had success in being treated employing the use of stem cells are fractures, spinal injuries, rotator cuff lesions, tendon ruptures, osteoarthritis, ligament lesions, and various cartilage defects. Since stem cells have been providing therapeutic relief for patients for only a handful of years, the possibilities of other conditions with which they could prove useful are endless. This innovative treatment could be the right avenue for you to pursue for your pain management.


Our team aims to set you on the path to being pain-free. We will utilize every tool we have at our disposal, including state-of-the-art imaging technology in our offices to diagnose your pain quickly and accurately. We are capable of offering MRI scans, CT scans, X-rays, and other nerve-related tests to assess your pain and injury level and treat you properly using our alternative treatments listed above.

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