What Not to Do After a Personal Injury Auto Accident

Apr 15, 2016

Car accidents are stressful and can make a bad day worse. They are inconvenient and leave you having to deal with possible citations, liability issues, and car damages.

However, knowing what to do in the event of a car accident can eliminate some of the stress associated with these situations, and knowing what not to do can be just as beneficial. Here are some of the top things our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors recommend avoiding in the event that you are in a car accident.

Don’t Apologize or Admit Fault

It is important not to admit fault after a car accident, even if you believe that you were the cause of the situation. An admission of guilt can result in a personal liability claim against you in the event that the matter is taken to court.

Don’t Leave The Scene of The Accident

Although accidents are often stressful events, it is important to ignore the impulse to get in your car and go home following the event. Remember that fleeing the scene of a car accident is a crime, and in some states, it can also be a felony. You will have enough problems to deal with after a car accident and likely don’t want to add criminal charges to your plate.

Don’t Forget To Document The Accident

Even if you are only involved in a fender bender and damage is minimal, it is important to take photographs of the accident. With your cell phone or a disposable camera, take pictures of the damage to your car and to the other cars involved in the accident. Visit one of our Atlanta auto injury doctors for a checkup and make sure you have all the paperwork for any personal injuries.

Do Not Speak With The Other Driver’s Attorney or Insurance Agent

It is extremely likely that the attorney or insurance company of the other drivers involved in the accident will try to contact you for information. It is in your best interest to not speak to them directly. Suggest that they contact your attorney or insurance company for information.


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