Car Accident Chiropractic Care

car accident chiropractor at AICA Car accidents are some of the most inconvenient and frustrating experiences we can have in modern life. Not only do they generally mean that we will be paying for something (whether it be in the form of time or money) to repair or replace your car, but they usually mean you have suffered some form of harm to your body which you now have to concern yourself with getting checked out. When you find yourself in this precarious situation, it is always wise to seek medical attention from an accident & injury chiropractic expert to get a firm diagnosis of the extent of any injuries you have sustained. You can search “car accident chiropractor near me” to find one. Don’t let any time pass if you can help it, because you don’t always know what type or how severe your injuries are when you have been put through something traumatic. Some of the best caregivers you will find to heal your pain following a car accident will be accident chiropractors who specialize in caring for injured spines and see many patients post-trauma.

How Can a Chiropractor Help You After Your Car Accident?

Many individuals who have suffered the effects of being involved in a car accident will seek out assistance in coping with the pain that can follow such an incident. A large percentage of people who are injured in car accidents suffer from some type of neck, back, or spine-related pain. The logistics alone of how most car accidents occur create the optimal environment for whiplash injuries to occur. When a car is struck by another vehicle, the force of the impact is generally strong enough to cause spinal misalignment, which leads to pain and loss of mobility. This is where your accident chiropractic care will be of assistance. Chiropractors are experts in the proper alignment of the spine. They possess a strong working knowledge of the spine itself, as well as how the parts of the body it functions with or controls will respond to stimulation. They will perform what are called “adjustments” to attempt to realign the spine to its desired posture. They will sometimes utilize other instruments and tools to attempt to ascertain where pain is originating, or to adjust more difficult areas. Your accident chiropractor treats your pain and injury operating on the understanding that all bodily injury is in some way connected, and the body is best treated holistically to provide optimal results.

What Types of Injuries Will Your Chiropractor Treat?

car accident chiropractor helping woman's back Since the chiropractic philosophy behind treating injuries centers around the idea that the whole body is a sum of parts that work together and affect one another, it would follow that they actually treat a very wide span of injuries and chronic conditions. Any of these issues listed below can commonly be seen in the aftermath of a car accident.


Subluxations are the basis for most chiropractic work. Not necessarily injuries themselves, subluxations constitute misalignments that can be localized and fixed to improve bodily function.


Neck Pain brought on as a result of a whiplash injury is one of the most common injuries seen by accident chiropractors. It is also the primary concern you will have, aside from life-threatening injuries. Many people have a misconception that they need to have been involved in an incredibly serious car accident to have been hit with enough force to cause whiplash. This simply isn’t the truth. Whiplash can occur from even minor accidents and doesn’t even happen in rear-end collisions alone. Individuals should look out for symptoms such as disorientation (blurry vision, dizziness, headaches), pain (generally in the neck, back, shoulders), and a reduced range of motion of the neck and back.


Other injuries to be on the lookout for following your accident may include muscle strains and sprains (sometimes caused by life-saving seatbelts), herniated or otherwise injured discs, and even sciatica problems, which will be very disruptive to day-to-day life with radiating pain through the lower back and legs.


How Long Might You See a Chiropractor to Manage Injuries Sustained in a Car Accident?

It is important to note that, while you might experience relief after just one or two sessions with your accident & injury chiropractor, you will most likely be prescribed a treatment plan that will be extended over a length of time to offer the best possible recovery. The spine cannot necessarily be adjusted once and be trusted to stay aligned following that singular treatment. In order to maintain a healthy body, ongoing therapy is recommended.

Added Benefits to Seeing a Chiropractor for Your Car Accident Pain

Accident & Injury Chiropractors are a tremendous asset for you when you start the path to health following a serious accident. Not only can they address pain in ways that traditional medicine would not necessarily pursue, but they can also implement an ongoing maintenance plan to make absolutely sure that your pain won’t return any time soon. Chiropractic care is responsible for pain management that allows an individual to avoid prescription narcotics altogether, should that be their desire. With opioid addictions ever on the rise, it is wonderful news that a drug-free option for treatment and pain resolution exists.