Car Accident Clinic

AICA's Car Accident Clinic Damage to a vehicle after a car accident is evident, but what not be noticeable right away is the damage to your body that a car accident can cause.  Pain and injuries from a car accident can be delayed for days, even weeks after a car accident.  When you have been in a car accident, the general rule of thumb is damage to the car equals damage to the body.  For this reason, it is necessary that you seek a car accident’s doctor treatment soon after to treat potential injuries.  For serious injuries after an accident, always seek the appropriate medical attention immediately.  But if you don’t feel as though you have sustained any significant injuries, you may want to reconsider.  Adrenaline after an accident can often mask pain or injury signs and symptoms.  AICA’s car accident clinic will provide you with the utmost in care to treat your pain after a car accident to allow for faster healing and complete relief.

What Can an Auto Accident Clinic Do For Me?

At AICA, our auto accident clinic is equipped to treat a variety of injuries caused by a car accident.  Whether you have suffered minor trauma or severe injuries, our orthopedic doctors will have you back on your feet and feeling great in no time.  After experiencing an auto accident, it is imperative that you are evaluated right away to determine the extent of the injuries your body sustained.  At our accident care clinic, AICA doctors will examine your injuries through with the help of specialized imaging technology as needed to accurately diagnose and treat pain.  While other accident clinics may have to refer you elsewhere for further treatment, AICA has a variety of services for comprehensive treatment all in one convenient location.  When you visit our auto accident clinic, you can receive imaging services for a precise diagnosis, be treated for injuries by our expert orthopedic specialized, undergo physical therapy to restore mobility and strengthen problem areas, receive support for pain management from our pain management specialists or even visit our on-site chiropractors for pain relief.  Our team deals with patients who have suffered pain or injury from a car accident on a regular basis and are prepared to provide exactly what your body needs to heal.

What Injuries Can a Car Accident Center Treat?

Car accidents can cause a variety of injuries to the body.  The types of injuries you may sustain can depend on the car crash.  For instance, rear-ended crashed can lead to different injuries than front or side crashes.  An accident clinic can treat many types of bodily injuries so ensure that the body can heal and heal quickly so that you can get on with life. Whiplash is a common injury after a rear-end crash.  The force of the crash pushed the head and neck forward and then slamming it backward results in severe pain.  The symptoms of whiplash are not usually apparent right away.  But a visit to a car accident clinic is still necessary, because more than likely, you will feel the full effects within the next few days.  Whiplash can cause a stiff, sore neck, reduced range of motion, headaches, blurry vision, or back pain.  Physical therapy at our car accident clinic is an optimal treatment option to restore range of motion and relieve muscle pain and stiffness.

Other Injuries Our Car Accident Clinic Treats

Fractures or dislocations can also be common injuries after a car accident.  If not treated correctly, these types of injuries can result in chronic pain later on.  AICA specialists will ensure you receive precise and accurate are for bone or joint injuries for complete healing. Soft tissue damage like tears or sprains is also a common symptom after a car accident.  While they may not be noticeable on the outside, a look with specialized imaging equipment at the source of pain can lead to an accurate diagnosis for the right treatment course. Musculoskeletal damage to the spine or other parts of the body can occur after the impact of an accident.  Chiropractors at AICA specialize in treating musculoskeletal pain such as spinal misalignments to provide long-lasting correction and relief from pain.

The Next Steps

When you have been the victim of a car crash, take the time to visit a car accident care clinic as soon as possible.  The difference it can make in your healing and pain relief is worth it.  When you are in the care of our competent specialists at AICA you are guaranteed to receive high-quality care from doctors that specialize in auto accident injuries.  Consider choosing our accident car clinic for your needs and receive the care that you deserve.