Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is an innovative alternative medical treatment that we utilize at AICA Orthopedics. We use only the best equipment to perform this amazing therapy, including state-of-the-art class 4 cold lasers that are FDA-approved and the most effective available. We love using this non-invasive procedure to bring about pain relief, increased range of motion, and healing. Physical therapists, chiropractors, physiatrists, and occupational therapists frequently utilize this technique to promote healing and reduce overall pain. AICA Orthopedics is proud to offer the most comprehensive medical care available, and we provide more cold laser therapy than anywhere else in the entire state of Georgia. We know this treatment works, and we would love to show you how effective it can be on your injury. If you think Cold Laser Therapy could be the solution to your problems with pain, contact our team of dedicated physicians and specialists today to schedule your consultation and obtain a diagnosis.

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?

Cold laser therapy got its name not because it actually uses cold lasers, but because they are not hot lasers. Most laser therapy in the medical world actually heats up your tissue, but cold laser therapy does not. Our state-of-the-art equipment utilizes light beams of a specific wavelength that interacts with tissues to promote healing. Cold laser therapy brings about a warm feeling wherever it’s used, which encourages blood vessels to expand and increases circulation to the injured area and helps to produce enzymes. Increased circulation provides an anti-inflammatory effect that is incredibly effective at managing pain and speeding up recovery.

Not only does this help with healing because of the increased blood flow, but it also can bring about immediate pain relief due to the heat. Additionally, the wavelengths emitted during cold laser therapy interact with the cells of the tissues in a beneficial way. The cold laser therapy emits energy that activates more energy production and ATP, which is responsible for cell reproduction and growth. ATP is vital to your soft tissues, particularly when they are injured, as it brings about the regeneration of cells and increases the body’s ability to heal itself quickly.

Laser therapy utilizes photochemical properties help to produce energy. Cells can function as they are supposed to, they are assisted in dividing, the immune system of the patient is strengthened, and ultimately pain is relieved.

Click on a body part to learn more about symptoms and treatments related to Cold Laser Therapy
Click on a body part to learn more about symptoms and treatments related to Cold Laser Therapy

What Can Cold Laser Therapy Be Used For?

Cold laser therapy is an incredibly versatile treatment option that can benefit a number of people with a variety of different ailments and injuries. The most common thing that is treated with cold laser therapy is minor injuries and sprains. Ligament and muscle sprains, tendonitis, tennis elbow, neck pain, back pain, bursitis, knee pain, and more are just a few ailments that can be significantly improved with cold laser therapy. Because this treatment reduces swelling and inflammation, it can also reduce muscle spasms and eliminate pain from prior muscle spasms.

It can help a great deal with inflamed areas of the body, including joints, problems areas in the mouth, pain from rheumatoid arthritis, and more. Those who suffer from chronic pain, such as that from carpal tunnel or fibromyalgia, can also experience relief and advantages from cold laser therapy. Sports Medicine is a field in which the benefits of cold laser therapy have been tried and well-received for quite some time now. Additionally, dermatologists see success by treating many skin conditions with the help of these lasers. In terms of pain relief, acupuncturists have found favorable results in treating their patients with cold laser therapy when the people they treat have a level of discomfort with needles, as are traditionally used for acupuncture. Many new uses for this technology are on the horizon and hold great promise for orthopedic patients in the future. Conditions like TBI or traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and spinal cord injury all might be able to be treated using cold laser therapy in the coming years.

Other Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

In addition to being a viable treatment option for a number of health concerns and injuries, cold laser therapy is painless, noninvasive, and extremely effective. Not only does the use of cold laser therapy provide pain relief and support with healing, but it also releases endorphins and repairs connective tissue effectively. It can take time for individuals to reap the benefits of this therapy, but our doctors will work with you to provide relief for your discomforts, both in the short-term and long-term. To learn more about cold laser therapy and the many benefits it can offer you, get in touch with our specialists and experts at AICA Orthopedics today.


Our offices are equipped with the very latest orthopedic imaging technology with which we can provide state-of-the-art diagnostics. CT scans are utilized to give a clearer picture of soft and hard tissue injuries on patients with musculoskeletal conditions. MRI scans help us to learn more about injuries to the tendons, ligaments, muscles, or cartilage. Digital x-rays are performed when our team suspects skeletal injury and fractures. Finally, EMG’s and NCV’s are performed to test the responsiveness of nerves in the case of injury or chronic pain. They can reveal spinal nerve problems and other nerve problems, pinched nerves, and neuromuscular diseases. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis is the critical first step to eliminating your pain and feeling like yourself again. Most conditions can be properly managed if we are able to point to the cause and nature of the injury.

Therapeutic Treatment with Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy is a useful and non-invasive means of providing pain management and advancing the healing process in patients with a wide variety of injuries and conditions. When administered appropriately by a licensed healthcare provider, it can relieve many symptoms and jumpstart your recovery. Contact our team at AICA Orthopedics today to see if Cold Laser Therapy is the right treatment for you!


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