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If you find yourself in the difficult position of making a claim for a personal injury, it is imperative that you obtain a proper diagnosis of the harm you have suffered from a personal injury doctor. After all, over 90% of personal injury claims are settled before there is any need to go to court, and the very best tool you can have at your disposal in a case is proper documentation of exactly how you were injured. Our team of specialists and personal injury doctors can provide you with the diagnostics that will make your case. Using state-of-the-art imaging in our facilities, our team can help you to understand your injuries and we will customize a care plan to begin to treat your injury effectively. As you begin your journey to recovery, we’ll compile the evidentiary support you need for the settlement you deserve.

Personal injury can be somewhat of a broad category, but our personal injury doctors and specialists have experience treating all of the most common muscle and bone injuries. Our team at our orthopedic clinics will resolve the pain associated with broken bones, tears, strains, and inflammation, and we will get you back on the road to health and recovery

Personal Injury Symptoms

personal injuryOftentimes, our busy pace and cluttered lives can make it hard to know when something is wrong or we are not functioning at our best. Other times, we may be able to easily pinpoint the time and incident that led to pain or discomfort. If you are experiencing pain or sense that something may be amiss in your body and your health, it is best to seek medical attention and have a specialist look into your concern. It is important to remember that there may be other symptoms of a personal injury, even ones you might not necessarily associate with the injury or incident. One injury can lead to a number of problems within the body, so it is best to see one of our personal injury doctors and undergo a consultation and diagnostic testing. If you notice any of these signs, call AICA Orthopedics today and get peace of mind.

  • Does the range of motion in your joints seem hindered or strained? Are there other areas of your body where you have felt reduced mobility?
  • Have you struggled with symptoms that present like situational annoyances? For example, tingling sensations, irritating pins and needles feeling, or a burning sensation?
  • Are you unable to do activities you normally would be able to?
  • Are you experiencing headaches?
  • Are there visible signs of a problem? These might include areas that are swollen, bruised, warm to the touch, or appear deformed.
  • Are you experiencing any new pain anywhere in your body?

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Treatment for Personal Injuries

Any of these signs and symptoms might indicate that you should see a personal injury doctor and allow them to assess your situation. It is important that you are treated as a person with individualized symptoms and needs, and we will do exactly that. Allow our team to work with you to diagnose any injuries, create a plan to restore you to health and wellness, and walk with you through the recovery process.

Treatment for personal injury can be as immediate as splints and casts, or as long-term as a physical therapy regimen. Our orthopedic doctors have experience treating and managing all sorts of conditions that may adversely affect your soft tissue and bones. We can provide personalized care for the needs of your specific case and determine the best possible way to ease your pain. Suffering as a result of a sprain, tear, strain, or fracture doesn’t have to be something you learn to live with.

You may require pain management services, injections, chiropractic care, or surgery. Our team of personal injury doctors can work with you and one another to offer you a holistic treatment plan. A significant portion of personal injury patients experience devastating head, neck, or spine injuries. If you find yourself in this situation, contact the neurological specialists at AICA Orthopedics to have your pain properly diagnosed and treated. Our doctors can locate the source of your injury and even prevent ongoing problems related to traumatic brain and spine injuries.

Chiropractic is an essential component for most personal injury patients to consider. Oftentimes, we’d like to think our pain is a simple problem with an instantaneous solution. We hope we are able to provide at least some immediate relief for you or your loved ones, but in the case that your injuries leave your body to manage chronic pain or discomfort, one of the chiropractors on our team can help to maintain a healthy and pain-free lifestyle.

Occupational therapy and counseling are also helpful tools in restoring you to full health as you put your personal injury behind you. Whatever type of personal injury you are suffering from, contact our team at AICA Orthopedics to find help today!


MRI scan

Personal injury encompasses a broad span of different types of injuries. Soft Tissue injuries are common and will be diagnosed through the use of an MRI scan or a CT scan, depending upon the nature of the incident.


X-rays show your doctor the images of your skeletal system with the use of radiation aimed at the hard tissue. Damage will appear in these scans and help your physician to create a treatment plan.


In some more serious cases, your doctor may want to order nerve tests that show the responsiveness of your muscles and nerves to the stimuli of electric signals. EMGs show how your muscles respond to nerve signals.


NCVs, or Nerve Conduction Velocity procedures, detects problems with the nerves. These diagnostic tests can help discover the source of tingling, pain, weakness, and cramping in the muscles, as well as diagnose muscle and nerve disorders.


Tools for Diagnosis

Come in to meet with one of our personal injury doctors and specialists who can provide you with in-house state-of-the-art imaging to help properly diagnose your injury. We can perform MRI’s, CT scans, X-rays, and many other helpful diagnostic tests that help draw a clear picture of the exact condition you are suffering from. These tests show doctors your soft tissue, a cross-section of your injuries, and skeletal damage, respectively. Let our specialists and physicians work with you to determine the root of your pain and the very best treatment today!

Causes of Personal Injuries and How Best to Avoid Them

It is impossible to prevent all accidents and injuries because we simply cannot predict or control the behavior of others.

Injuries will happen, and unfortunately in pretty record numbers. Over 30 million people per year sustain injuries that required they seek medical attention. Some of the most common circumstances that result in accidents with injuries include auto accidents, truck accidents, construction-related accidents, and pedestrian accidents. If you work in a dangerous profession or partake in less than safe recreational activities, you are at a higher risk to be involved in an accident of some kind.

Personal Injury by the nature of its definition necessitates negligence or, at the very least, an accident. For this reason, the best prevention that can be recommended is general caution.

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