pedestrian accidentPedestrian accident injuries can be dangerous and traumatic experiences to walk through and can pose health and safety risks to all that are involved. Statistics tell us that a pedestrian is injured in an accident approximately every 6 minutes. Pedestrians are considerably disadvantaged on and near the road because they are afforded no insulation from other vehicles and cyclists. If they are to be involved in an accident of any kind, they will almost surely be more dramatically impacted than the other actors. The structures that exist around those traveling in cars and the speed that being on wheels allows for.

Studies have shown that most pedestrian accident injuries occur to the lower limbs. Less common are injuries to the head/neck and arms, but they are still far and away more likely than thoracic ailments. These injuries combined are responsible for thousands of deaths each year.

Wherever your pedestrian accident injury may be and no matter the severity, our team of dedicated orthopedic doctors and chiropractors can help to assess the damage to your body and craft a plan to restore you to health and mobility once again.

Despite these facts, pedestrian accident injuries do occur and results from them have reached numbers in the tens of thousands in recent years. If you find yourself dealing with pain and bodily harm from a pedestrian accident, contact our doctors and chiropractors here at AICA Orthopedics to diagnose your injuries and begin your rehabilitation process.

Pedestrian Accident Injury Treatment Provided by AICA Orthopedics

Our doctors and specialists can determine the severity of the injuries you have suffered and develop a comprehensive treatment plan to ease your pain and address your injuries in a holistic manner.

Pedestrians that are struck by vehicles and other objects, the sorts of injuries that can ensue are numerous. Orthopedic trauma is very common as a result of pedestrian-involved accidents. Our specialists can detect and treat fractures and different types of soft tissue damage such as torn ligaments, strained tendons, and muscle sprains. Using state-of-the-art imaging technology, AICA Orthopedicts will obtain a clear diagnosis of the harm you have suffered in order to jump-start you on the path to recovery.

Our neurologists can diagnose and treat any head, neck, and back injuries you might be left with in the aftermath of your accident. Injury to the upper half of the body is less likely in the event of a pedestrian accident, but it is not unheard of. If you were struck and are experiencing pain or difficulty accomplishing everyday tasks due to an inability to focus, chronic migraines, headaches, or are experiencing numbness, you should seek expert neurological care urgently to be certain that your conditions are noted and properly treated.

It stands to reason that if you have sustained any of the aforementioned injuries in a pedestrian accident, your body will also require a regimen of chiropractic care to ensure that the spine is properly realigned and that chronic pain is kept at bay. Our team of specialists will work with you to customize a plan to manage the unfortunate pain you might experience from your accident.

If you have been hurt, you can count on our team to properly diagnose you and start you on your personal path to recovery.

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Assess Your Pedestrian Accident Injuries with Accuracy and Convenience

Our team utilizes state-of-the-art imaging technology right here in-house to help provide us with the greatest diagnostic tools for your case. Our aim is to identify the source of pain and problems and then to work with you to develop a plan to treat you effectively and with the utmost level of care and concern. Consult with our team today to schedule the tests that are needed to address your injuries.

If you have sustained soft-tissue injuries in your pedestrian accident, a CT scan or MRI might be helpful to our physicians to locate the injury and evaluate the best methods to treat it. MRI’s show us soft tissues, whereas CT or CAT scans help us to see a conglomerate of cross-section images of our soft and hard tissues.

We trust x-rays to determine skeletal fractures big and small, and this test can be done in a matter of minutes. All of these important diagnostics can be scheduled to suit your individual needs and get your doctors prepared to treat your ailments.



X-rays are useful in the event that the pedestrian who has suffered harm is suspected to have broken bones or dislocations. A doctor will confirm these supposed injuries after consulting the image provided by the x-ray.

CT scan

Soft tissue injuries often take a backseat to hard tissue injuries in such traumatic scenarios, but harm to the musculature is often present in pedestrian accidents. A doctor will confirm the extent of your injuries and assess any internal bleeding with the use of a CT scan.


Prevention of Pedestrian Accident Injuries

In the case of pedestrian-involved accidents, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment. An incident involving a vehicle of any type, whether it is the fault of the pedestrian or the fault of the other driver(s), the more severe injuries will almost certainly sustain the gravest and most substantial harm. For this reason, it is imperative that drivers and pedestrians alike remain vigilant as they travel on roads and sidewalks, respectively. Conscientious attention to the rules of the road and a correct understanding of right-of-way procedure can quite literally save lives and at the very least save everyone involved a great deal of physical and emotional strain.

Pedestrians should keep alert and be sure to reduce the danger of an accident by crossing properly at marked crosswalks and never entering the flow of traffic. Cars and other vehicles will have difficulty responding quickly to a sudden pedestrian movement or one made outside the commands of the signals marked. This is why it is always safest to heed the directional signals and exercise caution whenever crossings are necessary.

Treat Your Injuries Quickly and Effectively

No matter what sort of pain or injury you might be coping with as you attempt to return to everyday life after you experience an accident, our team of expert physicians can utilize in-house diagnostics and expert experience to offer you the best treatment around. Contact AICA Orthopedics today to set up your appointment and stop dealing with unnecessary pain and struggle.

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