Motorcycle Accident Treatment

There are a great many motorcyclists on the road today, but they are still solidly in the minority compared to passenger vehicles. For this reason, it is incredibly important that drivers of two-wheeled vehicles drive with a greater sense of caution and awareness of the cars and pedestrians around them. It’s no secret that driving a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous, so it is imperative for motorcyclists to be attentive and careful at all times. If all measures of prevention have failed and you are experiencing pain or injury as a result of a traumatic motorcycle accident, contact our doctors and specialists at AICA Orthopedics to obtain motorcycle accident treatment.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, because of the nature of motorcycles, riders are at an increased risk of injury should an accident occur. Motorcycle accidents can cause injuries as minimal as scrapes and bruises and as serious and life-threatening as head and neck injuries. Our neurological team can help to respond to more severe injuries and help you be certain that the harm you have suffered has no deeper neurological implications. Motorcycle road rash and broken bones are also very likely, but these risks can be mitigated slightly by employing the use of protective gear.

Studies have shown that, aside from accidents with fatalities to the motorcycle driver, the most common places of injury for motorcyclists are the legs and feet. The team of orthopedic specialists at AICA Orthopedics have seen many such injuries and can assist you with any fractures, strains, tears, and sprains you may have sustained. Our orthopedic doctors can provide treatment options for various needs, such as setting broken bones, surgically repairing tears to soft tissue, utilizing physical therapy for the rehabilitation of strained ligaments or joint sprains.

The more unavoidable consequence of a motorcycle accident will be the pain accompanying any of the aforementioned injuries and the spinal misalignments that occur from intense impact, which can often lead to more prolonged pain and a slew of other health concerns. Our chiropractors are capable of assessing your pain level and the degree to which your spine has been affected by the impact of your accident, and then working to get your body functioning properly once again.

If you find yourself coping with pain as a result of a motorcycle accident injury, contact the specialists at AICA Orthopedics today to schedule an appointment. Our physicians and staff can provide a clear diagnosis of all of your skeletal and soft tissue injuries and create a clear plan to aid you in your recovery from our motorcycle accident injury. We can even provide all of the state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging you need to help us diagnose your injury and create your comprehensive treatment plan.

Our specialists will order tests to identify the harm you have suffered and determine the conditions caused by your incident. There are different diagnostic tests suited to search for different types of supposed injury. For skeletal fractures and breaks, our physicians will conduct an x-ray to see a picture of your skeletal system in the area(s) of concern. In the case that you have suspected soft tissue damage, we are able to perform MRI scans and CAT scans to give our doctors a better view of what sort of injury you have sustained. EMG tests are sometimes necessary to determine how your musculature is functioning in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. It assesses nerve responses when these nerves are stimulated.

Click on a body part to learn more about symptoms and treatments related to motorcycle accident
Click on a body part to learn more about symptoms and treatments related to motorcycle accident

Rehabilitation for Less Serious Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Our specialists employ various methods to help restore your health and mobility after an accident. Physiotherapy is available to help assess your pain with the use of massage therapy, exercise, and hot/cold therapy. Our orthopedic doctors will determine joint and nerve trauma, difficulty with range of motion, and other indicators of muscle strength. Once this has been completed, our team will be able to start you on the path to recovery. Our aim is that you would experience complete rehabilitation from your accident-related pain.

In addition to seeking medical attention and rehabilitation, it might be prudent to seek out an occupational therapist and potentially a counselor to aid you in returning to life as normal. It is not uncommon to experience difficulty doing everyday tasks or to cope with stress and anxiety after a traumatic motorcycle accident. We aim to provide you with complete and comprehensive care after a motorcycle accident, so get in touch with AICA Orthopedics today to learn more.



The nature of motorcycles and what happens to the body when they crash often causes accidents to be very traumatic. Skeletal damage is almost certainly present, requiring the use of an x-ray to confirm.

CT scans

CT scans will likely be performed as a second step both to assess soft tissue damage and to check for the presence of internal bleeding as a result of the impact suffered by the victim.


Common Causes and Prevention Of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is the driver of a passenger vehicle failing to see a motorcycle approach or turn. Drivers of cars do not know they have violated the right-of-way of motorcyclists until a collision is unavoidable. Increasing your visibility to other drivers is a promising way to reduce your chances of being involved in an accident, as is being as aware as possible of your surroundings at all time.

Over 90% of accidents involving motorcycles occur when the driver has incomplete formal training in motorcycle driving. Pursuing training specific to the operation of a motorcycle can help prevent accidents from occurring as a result of inexperience and bike handling issues.

As a motorcyclist, it is imperative that you take responsibility for some of the most basic but fundamental safety precautions that it is necessary you take in order to ensure safety for everyone on the road. One of the greatest steps you can take as a motorcycle driver is to wear your helmet. Helmets saved nearly 2000 lives in the past year, simply by protecting your most vulnerable body part. If you want to make a significant step in reducing your risk of needing emergent or ongoing medical care as the result of an accident, employ the use of a helmet.

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