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Atlanta Orthopedics | AICA Orthopedics

Services | Oct 29, 2018

What Makes Our Orthopedic Clinic Stand Out

Our Atlanta orthopedic doctors are providers of comprehensive orthopedic care and are joined by a team of numerous other health care professionals including physical therapists, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, and physician assistants, all of whom have exceptional patient care at the forefront of their mind. When visiting our orthopedic doctors, you can anticipate extensive experience, […]

Imaging, Services | May 17, 2019

Identifying The Source Of Your Pain Through Diagnostic Testing

Due to the continuous growth in technology, physicians have more advanced medical diagnostic devices and tools that make diagnosing orthopedic injuries easier and more efficient. When a patient is in need of orthopedic care, having the most advanced diagnostic testing and equipment can help the physician better evaluate the scans or films of the patient.

Services, Surgery | May 20, 2019

Undergoing Spinal Decompression In Atlanta For Spinal Stenosis Patients

Within the spine there are open spaces, and when these begin to shrink in size, nerves can become pinched resulting in excruciating pain in the lower back and even the legs. This condition is called spinal stenosis and can become debilitating if not treated. It can be caused from enlarged joints, ligaments that have increased […]

If You're Nervous About Getting An MRI, Read This | AICA Orthopedics

Services | Sep 6, 2019

If You’re Nervous About Getting An MRI, Read This

When orthopedics need to take a more in-depth look at the bones and surrounding structures, a magnetic resonance image or more commonly known as MRI is ordered. This test produces images that will allow the doctor to determine the severity of the patient’s injury as well as helping to make decisions on whether or not […]

Diagnostics and Physical Therapy | AICA Orthopedics

Physical Therapy, Services | Sep 16, 2019

Diagnostics and Physical Therapy

Pain in the hip, knee, and lower back can seem to appear out of nowhere. Sometimes, the pain can begin gradually and slowly progress. Some symptoms may remain constant, whereas others may occur only at certain times or may start to get worse as time goes on. When the pain becomes too much, or the […]


Back Pain, Services, Spine Care | Oct 11, 2019

How Does Spinal Decompression Work?

Back pain can be caused by a number of different health issues, including problems with your spine. Just as there are many different causes, there are also a number of different ways to treat back pain.   One of the more common options is spinal decompression. This procedure can be a surgical option, but there […]

Atlanta orthopedic doctor doing cold laser therapy on knee

Services | Dec 11, 2019

When Do You Need Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold Laser Therapy is an innovative new technology that allows doctors to treat damaged tissue and allow it to regenerate or to provide pain relief to targeted areas of the body. This therapeutic technique utilizes lower levels of intensity in the laser compared to other types of lasers, which is how it is able to […]

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