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Chronic Pain | May 8, 2019

Treatment For Chronic Pain Sufferers

Chronic pain isn’t something to be taken lightly as 57 percent of people surveyed by the American Osteopathic Association reported suffering from some type of chronic pain. With so many affected by this type of pain, orthopedic specialists are constantly learning and developing new ways to treat this condition.

Why Does My Back Hurt When Breathing?

Chronic Pain | Apr 20, 2022

Why Does My Back Hurt When Breathing?

Did you know that back pain is one of the most common reasons for visiting the doctor? Back pain can happen for several reasons, from to poor posture to common back injuries from an accident . In fact, back pain sends millions of people to the doctor each year for…

10 Reasons Why Walking Is Good for Your Lower Back

Chronic Pain, Spine Care | Apr 23, 2022

10 Reasons Why Walking Is Good for Your Lower Back

You may be surprised to learn that walking is a surprisingly beneficial way to relieve lower back pain. While many people look to specific exercise routines or aerobics classes for physical activity, simply incorporating a walk into your daily routine can do wonders for your overall health. When you are…

Symptoms after a Head Injury

Chronic Pain | Nov 2, 2022

How Long Can You Experience Symptoms after a Head Injury? 

A head injury can leave you feeling pain, discomfort, and other symptoms that last for a lot longer than you might expect. Whether you hit your head from a slip and fall accident or during a car accident, you might not realize the severity of your head injury until you…


Chronic Pain, Health and Wellness | Feb 7, 2024

Why Does It Hurt When I Sneeze?

Sneezing is a natural, protective reflex designed to clear the nasal passages of irritants and allergens. Typically, it's a harmless and quick response, yet for some individuals, it can be accompanied by unexpected and occasionally severe pain. This pain during a sneeze can range from a sharp twinge to a…

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