Treatment For Chronic Pain Sufferers

May 8, 2019

Chronic pain isn’t something to be taken lightly as 57 percent of people surveyed by the American Osteopathic Association reported suffering from some type of chronic pain. With so many affected by this type of pain, orthopedic specialists are constantly learning and developing new ways to treat this condition.

Chronic Back Pain

Patients who suffer from chronic pain report that back pain is the most common, with knee pain coming in at a close second. Back and knee pain can drastically affect one’s way of life and alter the way in which a person functions on a daily basis. If you find yourself suffering from this type of pain, working with our Atlanta spine doctor can help lead you in the right direction in gaining back control of your life.

Those who were surveyed, whose ages range from 55-64 and 65+, reported that their lifestyle had changed due to the chronic pain and they were forced to give up hobbies such as physical activities like sports, certain exercises and even painting and gardening.

Even though chronic pain may be a current battle in your life, you don’t have to fight it on your own and there are options to help in reducing the pain.

When beginning the journey to a pain free life, many patients have started with working with physical therapists and trying some medications to manage the pain and swelling. Yoga, has also been another outlet for patients with chronic pain as this exercise strengthens the muscles with minimal impact to the already painful joints. However, for those who suffer from chronic knee pain, a joint repair or even replacement may be another option.

Preservation Of The Joints

When arthritis is the culprit for your pain, preserving the joints so they don’t have to be replaced if often the best strategy. When this method is used, our doctors will focus on repairing the joint through cartilage transplants, meniscal allografts, complex ligamentous reconstruction, or other approaches.

Partial Knee Replacement

As technology continues to advance, so does the method in which surgeons can perform surgeries. A partial knee replacement is usually performed when there is one area of the knee that is affected and important ligaments are preserved to ensure that the joint is functioning at its optimal level. This surgery can be performed robotically but there is the potential for a second surgery down the road if this option is chosen.

Total Knee Replacement

When the knee have sustained too much damage and the surrounding ligaments cannot aid in a partial replacement, a total knee replacement is the best course of action. This procedure removes the worn out cartilage and replaces the knee with a metallic cap. This surgery is known to be successful contingent upon the patients dedication and cooperation with post op care and exercises.

Chronic pain isn’t something anyone should have to endure, but unfortunately many suffer everyday. Don’t wait until the pain is too much, reach out to our Atlanta orthopedic doctors today for a consultation so you can take back your life! Call today, at (404) 855-2141.


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