The Do’s And Don’ts Of Joint Health

May 6, 2019

Think of exciting moments in your life like dancing at your wedding, holding your first born or even running down the street with your child as they learn to ride a bike. All of these moments were possible due to your healthy joints allowing you to participate in these occasions.

Maintaining your joint health goes far beyond just the joints, as the joints play a vital role in how the rest of your body functions. Now, what can be done to ensure your joints stay healthy? Our Atlanta orthopedic doctors have some suggestions and advice on how to keep your joints in pristine condition.

Get Up and Move!

It’s no secret that exercise is good for the body but it is even more important if you would like to have healthy, strong joints. When exercises is practiced on regular basis, the muscles that surround the joints become stronger and lessen the risk of injury. When the body builds muscles it provides protection in the form of shocks so that the joints aren’t experiencing constant impact which could lead to pain and damage to the joint.

What happens when the pain is already existent? Some may try to wish it away or pretend like it isn’t there, but that only makes the situation worse. Feeling pain in the hips and knees may be worrisome as some may fear they could potentially need surgery.

However, with many technological advances, some surgeries that were major procedures years ago have turned into simpler and safer surgeries with shorter recovery times. The only way to know what your pain is all about it is to speak with one of our doctors at the Atlanta orthopedic clinic so they can evaluate your situation and provide you with the best treatment option that fits your needs.

Voice Concerns, Ask Questions

Those who stay silent often don’t learn as much as they could. Doctors will provide you with all the information they may feel you need to know, but the more you know about your body and understand how it functions the more you can understand what the doctor is saying to you.

Ask questions! Talk to other people who have been in your situation and find out what worked best for them or maybe what didn’t. When you meet with your doctor come prepared with any questions, even if they may seem small it could help you and your doctor come up with an even better course of action for your treatment!

Take Off The Weight

When excess weight is added to your body, your joints undergo stress and strain which can lead to damage to the joints and unnecessary pain. By taking off even just a few pounds, your joints will notice a change and the stress will decrease.

Weight loss may be challenging for some, so reach out to a nutritionist or even research online ways to implement healthier foods into your diet as well as looking into some exercise routines that can help you to shed some weight. Finding a partner is also a great way to help lose the weight and provide accountability!

Follow Advice Of Physical Therapist

If you’ve found yourself struggling with joint pain, teaming up with a physical therapist may be a great option for you. You may be in need of surgery, so working with a physical therapist before and after can mean all the difference in healing successfully. It’s always recommended to follow the therapists suggestions as they know what is best for you in your particular situation.

Pace Yourself

Keeping your body in motion is great, but always be aware and mindful of your limits. Although exercise is a great way to keep your joints strong, overdoing it or exercising certain ways could be harmful. Speak with your doctor about what physical activities you participate in and see if any need to be modified if you experience pain.

If you are experiencing any type of joint pain or discomfort, or would like to learn more about how you can better your joint health, contact our Atlanta orthopedic clinic today at (404) 855-2141.


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