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Trauma After An Auto Accident

Dec 9, 2019

Trauma After An Auto Accident | AICA OrthopedicsIt’s clear at the scene of the crash how severe the damage to your car may be, however, what may not be so clear is the trauma your body endured. In some instances, injuries do not surface for days or weeks following the accident, leaving you with a whole new crash scene.

The adrenaline in your body can trick your mind into thinking you are okay following an accident as adrenaline can mask the pain you could be feeling. As the adrenaline wears off, the effects of the accident could rear its ugly head. That’s when you need to contact an Atlanta orthopedic doctor for help.

Common Injuries Sustained In Auto Accidents

Even though the impact may have occurred at a slower rate of speed, injury to the neck and back can still occur. A disc can herniate, compression fractures can occur as well as spinal cord injuries in a low impact auto accident. The seatbelt is designed to keep you from being ejected out of the car in an accident. However, the seatbelt can still cause shoulder injuries. Head trauma and whiplash are also common injuries. Even without immediate pain, you may have a serious car accident injury.

All of these injuries can cause severe debilitating pain and can impact your ability to work or care for your family. Even without immediate pain, you may have a serious injury. Statistics show that the primary cause of permanent injury after an accident is delayed treatment.

It is always recommended that you seek medical care following a collision to make sure you are checked for possible injuries. When seen in a hospital emergency room, accident victims are X-rayed or a CT scan is used to ensure there aren’t any broken bones, then prescribed medication for pain control and released if stable. This does not mean there are no significant ongoing injuries that require continued medical treatment. Unfortunately, may patients get “lost” as what to do next?

After The Emergency Room

Aside from a trip to the emergency room, follow up care with an orthopedic specialist should be a high priority. Seeking care at a qualified car accident clinic like AICA Orthopedics can provide you with the comfort in knowing your injuries will be treated with the highest level of care as well as the education to prevent future complications from your injuries. Contact us today at (404) 855-2141 for an appointment!


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