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Pain In The Neck? Here’s What You Should Know

Oct 7, 2019

Pain In The Neck? Here’s What You Should Know | AICA OrthopedicsMost people will encounter some back pain at some point in their life, and many of those people become afraid when that pain presents itself as they fear it can be severe. Injuries to the back and neck can be debilitating. However, not all spinal pain is as alarming as it may seem.

Your First Response

The best course of action when neck or pain arises is to have it evaluated by one of our Atlanta Chiropractors to determine the root of the problem. Having the pain evaluated will ultimately determine how severe the injury is.

Types of Neck Pain

All neck pain may not need immediate medical attention. However, certain types of pain may warrant immediate care. Poor posture is often a culprit for neck pain as the neck muscles become strained. This type of neck pain may result in osteoarthritis, which is a common cause of neck pain. If numbness in the hands and arms develops, as well as shooting pain radiating from the shoulder to the arm accompanied by neck pain, this should be addressed right away by a medical professional.

When To Seek Chiropractic Treatment

If the neck pain does not go away on its own or is sustained in an auto accident, seek medical attention right away to prevent long term damage. If the neck pain presents with headaches, weakness, or tingling, seeking medical attention is also suggested. Another condition in which causes strain to the neck is a new age condition called ‘text neck’ which is due to looking down at a cell phone for long periods. A chiropractor is often the best doctor to see in correcting ‘text neck’ as they can realign the spine and correct any other spinal abnormalities.

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Our Atlanta orthopedic doctors treat a wide variety of conditions that involve the neck and spine. Through chiropractic treatment and other approaches, our doctors strive to find you the relief you deserve. If you suffer from pain around the neck, accompanied with other symptoms, our team would like to help you by providing treatment options that best suit your needs. Call us today at (404) 855-2141 for a consultation!


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