How To Avoid Text Neck

Feb 5, 2018

Text neck refers to a repetitive stress injury that’s caused by continuously tilting your head downward to look at or use a smartphone device or computer. The orthopedic concern isn’t excessive use of such forms of technology, but the type of impact such use has on your body.

Text Neck

The average human head weighs between 9 and 14 pounds. Although the neck and spine are responsible for supporting such weight, they are not designed to withstand the additional pressure that comes from tilting your neck downward. Keep in mind the head’s natural position. Ideally, a neutral stance sees your ears in line with the neck and shoulders. For every inch that your head is tilted downward, the weight and pressure that’s added to the cervical spine increases.

When your head is tilted downward for long period each day, the typical result is irritation, strain, inflammation, and surgery depending on the extent or circumstances. Common symptoms associated with text neck include:

  • Recurring headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder strain
  • Postural impairments


Treating Text Neck

Our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors often help patients on how to maintain appropriate body mechanics. How you utilize particular areas of your body has a direct influence on how well such areas perform and function. Consider the following recommendations that can help you avoid text neck and having to visit our clinic for treatment:

Keep Your Devices At Eye Level

When using a smartphone device, keep your phone at eye level or draw your eyes downward, not your head. This consideration will help reduce the amount of weight and pressure that’s applied to your cervical spine.


Routinely follow through with neck and shoulder rolls throughout each day to eliminate tension and pressure.

Maintain Appropriate Posture

Although it’s easy to slouch while sitting down, try to keep your posture in mind at all times. If you are sitting at your desk, try positioning a rolled up towel behind your lower back to keep your body positioned upright.

Avoid Texting As Often

The average American sends over 3,000 texts each month. Although this form of communication is necessary at times, there are other channels that exist for sharing information among colleagues, friends, or loved ones. Consider designating specific times each day to keeping your phone shut off or away from your immediate reach.

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