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Back Pain and Stress Relief Tips

Apr 4, 2018

Back pain is an unfortunate condition that has the potential to completely alter your routine. As the most prevalent condition that affects Americans, the intensity of back pain and its debilitating features can create tremendous stress that exacerbates all associated symptoms. If you currently suffer from chronic back pain or are concerned about potentially experiencing it, consider the following recommendations that can help reduce stress and treat some of the symptoms.

Back Pain and Stress Relief


  • Visit An Orthopedic Doctor: As with any other type of physical condition that suddenly appears or gradually becomes worse, it is imperative to have an experienced orthopedic doctor examine and diagnose the source of the issue. Orthopedic doctors are highly educated and trained on treating spine conditions using non-invasive and surgical techniques. Once you are able to understand the root of your back pain, an orthopedic doctor can help you understand which treatment options are available and appropriate for your specific needs.


  • Practice Good Posture Each Day: Although this may seem obvious or insignificant, maintaining healthy posture has a tremendous influence on the type of strain and stress your back muscles are exposed to. Make sure you are conscious of your posture when sitting down or walking.


  • Ask Your Orthopedic Doctor About Physical Therapy: Asking your orthopedic doctor about the benefits of physical therapy and whether it’s right for you can help reduce pain and strengthen your core.


  • Make Time For Relaxation: Following through with particular relaxation techniques that align with your interests and abilities can help reduce stress levels. Practicing such techniques on a daily basis can have a huge impact over time as it pertains to eliminating tension in your back muscles.


  • Focus on Core Strength: Working out a few times each week is important to maintaining overall health. Still, focusing on your core muscles can help take some of the stress off of your lower back. Try incorporating exercises like planks, crunches, and stair climbing into your routine to strengthen your abs, hips, and and lower back area.


  • Wear Appropriate, Comfortable Shoes: The right shoes can help distribute your body weight evenly across your back, which helps prevent back, knee, and hip pain.


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