Avoid Surgery With Physical Therapy At AICA Orthopedics

Sep 18, 2017

Our bodies are structured to heal themselves and do this best when supported with regular exercise, a balanced diet, and the right forms of proactive treatment. When people experience pain from a recent accident or chronic condition, the two thoughts that come top of mind for most are, “Can I ignore this pain” and “Maybe I should see my primary doctor.”

Although there are times where minor aches and pain can subside on their own, and while you may think of your primary physician as the most appropriate resource for treatment, physical therapy is just as, if not more, effective. In fact, physical therapy’s approach to treating accident injuries can help patients possibly avoid surgery altogether.

Atlanta Physical Therapy For Car Accident Injuries

Our Atlanta Physical Therapists help restore mobility and function for car accident injury patients. Often, someone will visit our Orthopedic Clinic with back injuries or conditions like carpal tunnel and elect to receive physical therapy because of its rehabilitative qualities.

Most Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors recommend following through with physical therapy to avoid surgery. Even if your injuries inevitably require surgery, developing a physical therapy treatment plan is imperative for ensuring a complete, safe recovery.

The Health Benefits of Physical Therapy

The primary role of physical therapy is to treat any impairment that derives from chronic disease or injury, from pinched nerves to spinal damage. The focus of our therapists is dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment that helps patients piece their life back together through small, approachable goals. There is a specific way your muscles react to movement, and the physical therapists at AICA Orthopedics are trained to optimize the mechanics of the body.

Physical Therapists Provide Personalized Treatment

Our Atlanta Physical Therapists create personalized treatment plans that are designed to align with each patient’s specific health needs. Physical therapy allows accident victims to recover from their injuries, overcome painful symptoms, and potentially avoid surgery.

Even those who do not have an accident injury, but instead suffer from a chronic condition can benefit from physical therapy. Those who manage arthritis or some other kind of condition, ongoing therapy can help patients avoid chronic pain over time.

Contact AICA Ortho & Spine To Learn More About Physical Therapy

Speak with one of our experienced Atlanta Physical Therapists at AICA Orthopedics about your needs to see if we should become a part of your overall healthcare program. If you are currently considering surgery for some injury, contact us to see if invasive procedures can be avoided with our help. Call (404) 855-2141 to schedule an appointment.


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