Why Spine Care Is Important After an Accident

Sep 25, 2020

Why Spine Care Is Important After an Accident Medical care is an expected part of a car accident, especially if you have suffered from any injuries. You may picture an emergency room and broken bones- while those can be common, many people underestimate the importance of seeking chiropractic care after an event like this. Focusing on realignment of the spine and spinal decompression can have a huge impact on overall health and the speed of recovery. Not only can a chiropractor help heal your car accident injuries, but they will work to prevent any problems from occurring in the future as well. Below are just some of the benefits of seeking spinal care in the immediate aftermath of a car accident.

Reduce Inflammation

During the impact of a car accident, there may be a range of micro-injuries that occur, like small tears in the muscles or ligaments that do not even appear on diagnostic scans. These tears can lead to the soreness and pain experienced in the aftermath of an accident, as the body experiences inflammation as a reaction to the stress. Your spine can typically release anti-inflammatory substances that reduce this inflammation and treat pain, but this may not occur if the spine has been knocked out of alignment. Having the spine adjusted can help it release these substances and reduce inflammation.

Treatment for Unseen Injuries

Many common injuries after a car accident do not become evident for days, or even weeks, after the event itself. Even when you are not experiencing nausea, pain, dizziness, headaches, or other common issues, the injuries have still occurred and are beginning to impact the body. The sooner you are able to treat something like whiplash, the better chances of full recovery you have. By visiting a chiropractor proactively, you may be able to identify these issues early and begin the process of healing before you even know there was an injury.

Regain Range of Motion

Back and neck injuries are common results of a car accident and they can lead to other problems in the future. Inflammation is common and can slow down the healing process. By offering spinal decompression, a chiropractor is able to help your spine reach alignment again and return to typical forms of motion. Being able to move as normal is often an important step in the healing process and can encourage faster recovery.

Natural and Non-Invasive Treatment

The adjustments performed by a chiropractor have a big impact without needing to perform any invasive treatments like surgeries to do so. In addition, the focus on this kind of treatment usually manages to avoid most pain medication beyond immediate necessity. After a car accident, it is easy to become addicted to these substances and develop a range of other related problems. By treating the root cause of the injury, chiropractors are able to properly heal the site and avoid a “band-aid” fix like medications that simply hide symptoms.

Long-Term Benefits

By seeking out chiropractic care in response to a car accident, you may be able to prevent small injuries from becoming much more serious issues. Without treatment, even minor issues can become chronic conditions. Instead, chiropractors are trained to identify spinal misalignments and address them so the body can return to normal function and heal properly.

In addition to addressing injuries, chiropractic care can have other long-term benefits that can contribute to overall health. The spinal decompression can help prevent injuries in other situations and encourage the body’s communication systems to perform optimally.

Contribute to Insurance Claims

If you have an open claim as a result of a car accident, you may be working with a lawyer to hold the person responsible accountable. Chiropractors often see car accident victims and can be well-versed in what to look for and how to document specific injuries so that insurance companies can review the report and understand the injuries. Companies will also typically look for early action, so visiting a chiropractor can prove you took concrete steps to address any injuries you may have sustained.

At AICA Orthopedics, our team is focused on helping those who have been in recent car accidents. By offering access to orthopedic doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and more, we are able to create comprehensive treatment plans that are individualized to each individual case. We have an imaging center to assist with diagnosis, as well as resources for pain management and healing to make sure that your recovery is as smooth as possible. As experts in car accident-related injuries, we will work to ensure your treatment and medical records are as thorough as needed. Call us now.


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