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When Should I See A Doctor After A Car Accident?

Nov 6, 2019

The answer is, in most cases, as quickly as you are able. It is all too common for individuals who have been involved in an auto accident to deny the need for medical attention, at least at first.


The unfortunate truth is that delaying seeking care can have detrimental effects on both your health and your potential case in the eyes of the insurer. You might wonder, what are some of the reasons that people avoid seeing accident doctors? Let’s answer that question.


The Individual Doesn’t Feel Pain or See Visible Signs of Injury

Car Accident Doctor helping man's arm after car accident injuryThe most common sentiment tends to be that the individual who has been involved in an accident truly doesn’t think anything is wrong with them. They don’t see blood, obvious broken bones, or clear signs of injury. They don’t feel any strong sensations of pain, nor do they have the presence of mind typically to rationalize how strong the collision may have been.


In these cases, the person who may have sustained an injury in the course of a car accident will likely go on about their business, beginning to deal with the nightmare that ensues when one has been involved in an accident (insurance, paperwork, car repairs, etc.).


They might go a day, two, or even as much as a week without seeking any sort of medical attention. This is generally about the time that the injuries masked by adrenaline and hidden by distraction begin to surface or really intensify.


Any accident specialist will recommend that you make it a priority (despite what you think you see or feel immediately following a car accident) to give seek care immediately. More specifically, the day or the day following your incident, depending upon the severity of your accident.


Common Misconception: The Pain Is Likely to Subside/Lessen in the Days Following the Incident

Those who do detect pain immediately following a car accident might avoid going to the doctor for an entirely different reason. This person might think that a little pain is to be expected when two or more cars collide and adopt a “tough it out” or “wait and see” attitude when it comes to being checked out by a medical professional.


The individual tends to think that the pain they feel is going to go away without treatment and decides not to bother with insisting on a more intentional treatment plan. The trouble is, this approach can either delay or do outright damage to the healing of injuries sustained in a car accident.


As a secondary thought, the decision to put off treatment can mean that it is more difficult for your insurance provider to agree to help absorb the costs of the care you will almost certainly require. Do yourself a favor and save the pain and hassle of delayed treatment.


It is more prudent to be evaluated directly after an accident, be presented with comprehensive information about your injuries, and almost surely have a simpler time dealing with the various insurance professionals you will need to in order to ensure coverage.


AICA Orthopedics has a team of accident experts in orthopedic injuries that result from car accidents, such as whiplash, broken bones, sprains/strains, and even just general pain following an accident. Contact us to meet with accident doctors today and to see how we can help you to heal following your accident, and to be certain you are obtaining the very best in orthopedic care. We would be happy to resolve your injuries and get you back to normal with a comprehensive treatment plan and expert care!



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