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What You Need To Know About Clavicle Fractures

Dec 25, 2017

Clavicle fractures make up approximately 5 percent of all fractures treated by Orthopedic Doctors throughout the United States. Most cases affect males, and close to 50 percent of all clavicle fractures occur in children between the ages of four and seven. Also referred to as a broken collarbone, clavicle fractures are caused by blunt trauma to the shoulder. This kind of injury is excruciating and impairs your ability to move your arm(s).

The Clavicle Bone

The clavicle bone is commonly referred to as the collarbone and exists between the ribcage and the shoulder blade. This bone connects your arms to your body.

Clavicle Fractures

Patients who sustain clavicle fractures experience a variety of symptoms that include:

  • Indentations near the fracture
  • Structural deformities
  • Significant bruising and inflammation
  • Heightened sensitivity near the fracture
  • Grinding sensations
  • Considerable pain
  • Inability to move or lift the affected arm


Orthopedic Treatment For Clavicle Fractures

Most clavicle fractures are treatable without the use of surgery. Should you experience this kind of fracture, your Orthopedic Doctor will follow through with a complete examination to determine the extent of your injury and the best treatment solution to use. Non-surgical options often include:


In cases where the scope of the fracture is severe, surgery may be required. Surgery allows your Orthopedic Doctor to implant plates and screws to hold the reconstructed bones in place, which helps your fracture to heal properly.

The Recovery Process

Most cases of clavicle fractures take four to seven months to heal completely, and patients tend to return to their regular obligations after three months. It is imperative to consult with one of our Orthopedic Doctors before returning to your routine and favorite activities like exercising to avoid re-injury.

Contact AICA Orthopedists For More Information and Treatment

If you experience a clavicle fracture, contact our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors to schedule a complete examination. Our team of medical experts is here for you when you need us the most, and our doctors are dedicated to supporting patients with conservative treatment solutions. You can learn more about our approach to treating clavicle fractures or receive immediate treatment by dialing (404) 855-2141 to schedule an appointment.


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