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Common Causes For Crashes

Apr 5, 2019

In the Greater Atlanta area, we have busy lives, running errands, driving to work, bringing kids to school and their activities and the one thing we don’t have time for is an accident. Unfortunately, car accident injuries are something that occur every day.

Top Four Contributors To Car Accidents

There are laws to keep us safe, but even the strictest laws sometimes may be broken. Our team of Atlanta orthopedic doctors have compiled the top four most common reasons for car accidents below.

Distracted Driving

Being distracted while driving is one of the most common causes of accidents as 391,000 were injured in 2015 alone for distracted driving. Those are often distracted have been reported talking on their cell phones, texting, eating or just simply not paying attention to the road.


We get it. You’re running late and you think driving just a few mph faster will help you make up for lost time but what ultimately happens is you putting yourself at risk for an accident. You are rushing and speeding which is a recipe for disaster. When you are traveling at a different, faster speed than others on the same road you are creating a greater risk for an accident.

Drunk Driving

There is never a good reason to drink and drive and this choice has serious and dangerous ramifications. When driving while under the influence, your judgment and the choices you make are inhibited. Critical thinking is a tool that can’t be utilized therefore the ability to make fast decisions and choices becomes difficult resulting in the possibility of an accident. This type of accident can be 100% preventable. If you have had too much to drink, always call for a ride, never put the keys in the ignition and risk your life and others.

Reckless Driving

When driving a vehicle, your eyes need to be focused on many different things at the same time to ensure your safety. When individuals do not use caution when driving and partake in actions like speeding or changing lanes, tailgating or driving erratically, there is the potential for an accident.

Accidents happen every day. Our team at AICA Orthopedics care about your safety and well being and although we cannot prevent accidents entirely, we are here to help you recover if you have been involved in one. If you would like to speak to one of our Atlanta orthopedic doctors about treatment and recovery, call us today at (404) 855-2141.


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