Back to School Health Tips

Jul 16, 2018

Preparing for the new school year goes beyond selecting the right book bag, purchasing school supplies, and shopping for new outfits. It also includes particular measures and visiting your nearest orthopedic clinic, if needed, that help ensure your children are healthy, fit and pain-free.

Health Tips For The School Year

Check out the following information that can help prepare your kids for a productive school year.

Wash Your Hands While Humming A Tune

The Mayo Clinic reports that the most effective method for avoiding harmful germs is hand washing.

To help your children develop positive habits around this action, encourage them to sing 15 to 20 seconds of their favorite song as they wash their hands. This will help them pass the time easier and turn a monotonous chore into a fun, healthy activity.

Get Your Vaccinations

It’s imperative that your children’s immunizations are all up to date. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requires children across the country to receive particular vaccinations at different grade levels to attend school. Some school districts will not admit students who are not able to verify their immunization history.

Unless your children have some type of allergy to a vaccine, flu shots are highly recommended for all students.

Pencil In A Health Check-up

Making an appointment with your primary physician to have your children examined is a great way to ensure they are healthy before heading back to school.

A large number of public schools require a physical for students who are interested in participating in sports and some states have requirements in place around vision or hearing exams. If your children use prescriptions, this is a great opportunity to have your doctor sign any forms needed to keep their medication with them at school.

Establish Clear Routines

About a month before classes start, try to transition your children from their summer time sleep schedule to something that’s more appropriate for the school year.

Establish a clear routine that sees them winding down and following through with the same nightly activities such as taking a bath or reading a book. If your children are active gamers, try to cut back on the amount of time they spend using their digital devices or game consoles.

Invest In Nutrition

Childhood obesity is still a serious concern that runs rampant throughout the United States. Fortunately, this trend can be avoided when families invest time and resources in purchasing healthy food items.

Make sure your children consume three meals a day and that their meals comprise of a well-balanced mixture of fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Maintaining a healthy diet is an excellent way to combat viruses and harmful bacteria.

Watch Out For Lice

If you see your children continuously scratching their heads, it may be a sign that they have caught head lice. You can help your children avoid this issue by explaining the importance of not sharing combs, hats, or other types of clothing with other students.

Be Careful With Allergens

The new school year lines up with allergy season and it’s important to discuss any allergy issues with your children’s school nurse before classes start. Make sure your children’s teachers and administrators are aware of their trigger points and establish a clear plan of action should some type of reaction occur.


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