Why Gaining Muscle Mass Can Actually Help Runners Improve Their Performance

Feb 10, 2020

Why Gaining Muscle Mass Can Actually Help Runners Improve Their Performance | AICA OrthopedicsFor years, long-distance runners were discouraged from weight training as their muscle mass could potentially slow them down. Studies have shown that a personalized weight-training system can actually improve the functional strength and provide a runner with the extra power to take strides in their running all while improving their stamina.

Why Bulking Up Doesn’t Slow You Down

Helping to stabilize the largest muscles in the body like the glutes and leg muscles can improve a runner’s techniques. Aside from the legs, using the arms to pump your body will help to propel you forward, so having a strong core and upper body can go along way.

Plyometrics is a training exercise that will help you to increase your speed. This specialized training consists of jump squats, box jumps, and dumbbell step-ups. By performing these workouts, leg strength will improve, which will increase running speed.

If you are training for a race five to six days a week, implement strength training once or twice a week to create a delicate balance. It is essential to push yourself when training, but don’t push yourself too far to the point where you become burned out. Allow yourself time in between to cool down and take a break.

Many professional runners attest to adding strength training into a regime since it improves agility and speed. Strength training can also improve your cardiovascular fitness or help you prepare for a marathon.

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