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Trigger Finger Surgery

Trigger finger is a finger that will lock up or catch when you try to bend or straighten that finger.  The finger may get stuck in a bent position and then snap out quickly when you try to straighten it, much like releasing a trigger, hence the name.  A trigger finger can be troublesome, causing stiffness or pain.  Most issues of trigger finger occur in the thumb or ring finger but can occur in other fingers as well.  This condition is also known as stenosing tenosynovitis.  If you have a job or a hobby that requires frequent gripping actions, you may be more affected by a trigger finger than others.  If you suffer from a trigger finger, there are options for correcting this condition.  Orthopedic specialists at AICA Orthopedics have provided treatment and care for many patients looking for solutions for their trigger finger.  With their skill and expertise, AICA orthopedic specialists will have your hand functioning normally again so that you can perform tasks easier at work or enjoy your hobbies in your spare time.

What Causes Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger is caused by inflammation of the A1 pulley.  When this part of the finger becomes inflamed, it makes it difficult for the flexor tendon to glide through as the finger bends.  As a result, the flexor tendon itself can also become inflamed.  A small nodule may develop which can cause the catching and popping sensation when trying to straighten the trigger finger.  For many, the catching or popping is actually very painful.  Sometimes, more severe cases of trigger finger may cause the finger to become stuck in the bent position.  The finger may not release on its own but require force from your other hand to actually push it down.  When your trigger finger becomes problematic or even before it can become a larger issue, it’s time to take action.  Consider trigger finger surgery at AICA Orthopedics where our qualified specialists will have your finger working normally again in no time.

Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex

It may not be just your trigger finger that is catching and popping.  Triangular fibrocartilage complex, or TFCC, can also lead to a clicking or popping sound, this time in your wrist.  This area between the radius and ulna is made up of several ligaments, tendons, and cartilage.  When something tears, it can cause weakness, swelling, tenderness, or a clicking sound when you try to grasp something or rotate your wrist.  Athletes that use their wrists often, such as tennis players, are more at risk for developing TFCC.  Previous wrist injuries also make you more susceptible to this condition.  But there is a solution when you turn AICA Orthopedic experts.

About Trigger Finger Surgery

Trigger Finger Surgery

When diagnosing trigger finger, an orthopedic specialist at AICA Orthopedics will first examine the finger or thumb.  They will look for swelling or areas of pain as well as ask you to bend and straighten the finger to check for stiffness or signs of locking.  If it is determined that surgical treatment is required, our expert orthopedic specialists will provide high quality care to ensure relief from pain as well as a quick and complete recovery.  They will perform tenolysis, the surgical name for a trigger finger release surgery, to release the A1 pulley that is affecting finger movement.  This type of procedure is usually quick and done in an outpatient setting so you can go home soon after the procedure is complete.  Most patients are able to move their finger immediately following surgery.  You may experience swelling and the incision can take a few weeks to heal, but you will experience a vast improvement in finger function  and range of motion so that you can continue to go about your life as normal, free from frustration and pain.  If any other treatment is necessary AICA Orthopedics houses a variety of specialists so you can receive high quality care all in one place, from diagnosing trigger finger through high tech imaging services such as X Rays or MRIs to physical therapy from skilled physical therapists on site.  You can receive comprehensive care to ensure full and smooth use of your finger when you make AICA Orthopedics your top choice for all orthopedic services.


If you suffer from trigger finger, do something about it today.  You can start by giving us a call at AICA Orthopedics.  Our knowledgeable orthopedic specialists will take great care of you!

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