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Responsibilities of a Sports Medicine Orthopedic Doctor

Dec 25, 2019

Responsibilities of A Sports Medicine Orthopedic Doctor | AICA OrthopedicsWhether you are a weekend sports enthusiasts or marathon runner, you are more likely to endure an injury. An injury can occur while practicing, warming up, or performing strenuous activities. Your Atlanta sports medicine orthopedic doctor can provide you with the treatment you may need to relieve that pain and get you back in the game.

Core Responsibilities

Aside from treating your injury, a sports medicine doctor provides education on prevention and ways to enhance your physical performance. What are the core responsibilities of a sports medicine doctor?

Diagnosis and Treatment

As sports medicine doctors specialize in sports-related injuries, they are quickly able to diagnose and determine a treatment plan that will help you get back in the game. Typical injuries seen in sports medicine are ankle sprains, inflamed joints, dislocation, and fractures. As they are knowledgeable in this area, treatment plans are more quickly developed, leading to a faster and more effective recovery.

Following a diagnosis, the physician will recommend rehabilitation strategies. These may involve movements like reflex management and simple exercises.

Preventative Education

Prevention is key for athletes as staying at the top of their game is critical, so teaming up with a sports medicine orthopedic doctor can give an athlete a leg up on their competition. As any athlete would know, any injury can have major setbacks and cause long term effects on your overall health.

A physician can help to prevent overuse which can lead to other musculoskeletal issues such as tennis elbow or pitcher’s shoulder. Providing preventative measures is much more effective than treating injuries as they happen.


Sports doctors prescribe medication for acute and chronic pain associated with the injury. Aside from medications, these doctors implement therapies that are designed for the patient’s individual needs.

When treating a sports injury, non-invasive methods are always explored first. If an injury requires surgery, sports medicine doctors can provide a quick surgical intervention to repair a joint injury.

Nutrition and Health

Sports medicine goes beyond treatment of the joints and provides counsel on nutrition, mental health, and in some cases, substance abuse. Sports medicine doctors are orthopedic surgeons who are aware of the dangers of opioids, so they strive to provide their patients with effective therapies to avoid the need for medications.

Sports medicine doctors work collaboratively alongside other specialists to provide you with the highest level of care possible. Athletic trainers, physical therapists, and other surgeons may be called in on your case to provide you with the best treatment.

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