Non-Invasive Approach to Herniated Discs

Jan 6, 2020

Non-Invasive Approach to Herniated Discs | AICA OrthopedicsHectic schedules are not uncommon for most people, so when a herniated disc presents itself, that busy life can come to a screeching halt. When these conditions occur, pain can be so severe that the ability to move can be hindered.

Immediate Care

Seeking immediate care when a disc herniates is critical for a successful recovery. When searching for care, a reputable chiropractor is an excellent place to start. This condition may require surgery at some point. However, non-invasive treatment options can also provide relief.

A herniated disc occurs when the tough outer exterior of a disc is torn, leaving the inner substance to extend through. The spinal disc plays a vital role in protecting the spine and provides a shock absorption.

Non-invasive Approach

Aside from a surgical approach, your doctor may suggest a conservative therapy method first. This type of treatment, depending on the severity of your injury, can help to manage your symptoms and allow for more time before jumping into an invasive approach.

Conservative Approach

Conservative therapy begins with the act of merely avoiding the activities and positions most likely to bring on the pain. While you may assume this means lying still, this is far from the case. Your chiropractor will likely give you several exercises to perform that can, in a sense, kill two birds with one stone. While practicing these exercises, you’ll be actively reducing pain while also strengthening the spine.

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