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If You’re Nervous About Getting An MRI, Read This

Sep 6, 2019

If You're Nervous About Getting An MRI, Read This | AICA OrthopedicsWhen orthopedics need to take a more in-depth look at the bones and surrounding structures, a magnetic resonance image or more commonly known as MRI is ordered.

This test produces images that will allow the doctor to determine the severity of the patient’s injury as well as helping to make decisions on whether or not a patient would need surgery. Now, as helpful as this machine can be, some patients have some reservations about this test, but there are solutions.

Knowing What To Expect Can Quell Concerns

Common Concern: With this imaging test, some patients have reported that there is a loud noise that can be distracting or bothersome. This noise is stemming from the small magnets that rotate over a magnetic field to get the best view of the part of the body that needs analysis. So, although it may be slightly noisy for a brief time, this is essential as the machine is working to take the best pictures to give the doctor the best picture of your injury.

The Solution: Sedation. If the noise is something you think may concern you, speak with our team of doctors prior to the MRI about medication to help relax you throughout the MRI.

Common Concern: An MRI is performed in a small area and can take around 45 minutes, so for some, the small space and length of time can be a concern for some patients as claustrophobia can set in. However, there are solutions to those fears as well!

The Solution: As mentioned before, sedation is a possible option if the stress of the test is too overwhelming.

The option of an extremity MRI is also a possibility, which is where only the part of the body, such as the ankle, foot, elbow, or even wrist, is placed inside the machine for the duration, which would minimize the claustrophobic feel. However, this option is not available for injuries to the spine, hip, or pelvis as a closed MRI would need to be done for accurate results.

An open MRI is also an option for those who are adamant about needing an open space, but a closed is usually the preferred method.

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