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How To Manage A Car Accident While On Vacation

Mar 1, 2019

When you’re planning a vacation, the ultimate goal is to escape from your day to day routine and experience serenity and the last thing on your mind is the unexpected car accident injuries that can occur while you are disconnecting from reality.

Planning For Risk

Falling ill or becoming injured while traveling is the last thing anyone plans on but it’s something that needs to be thought about, especially when traveling overseas. Although experiencing an injury or illness can alter the vacation, it’s best to have a plan in place if something unexpected occurs as to prevent the trip from being a total loss. Below are tips to ensure even the best planned trips have a safety net in case emergencies:

Travelers Health Insurance

Before leaving for your incredible journey abroad, reach out to your health insurance company and check with them to see if your policy covers your care abroad in the event an emergency happens. If your insurance company does not protect you abroad, look into purchasing travelers health insurance so you are not forced to pay for care when you need it most!

Facing serious health complications is never something anyone is prepared for but when you plan on traveling abroad thinking about how you could get home if faced with medical complications should be a top priority. When speaking with your insurance company or talking to someone about travelers health insurance, ask the important question about transportation and how you could get home if an emergency arises.

Be aware of your surroundings

No matter where you are traveling, it’s always best to do research to find out if there is any illnesses in the area or risk for injury in the area in which you are traveling. If you find yourself heading somewhere tropical, be mindful about mosquito-borne illness as they can cause Malaria or Dengue fever. Check with your physician to make sure that all of your vaccinations are up to date as well as all of those you are traveling with.

When traveling to different parts of the world, another area of concern should be the areas traffic laws and the infrastructure. By making yourself aware of the differences in traffic patterns or laws, leaves you less vulnerable to be involved in an accident.

If traveling abroad, after you have planned your accommodations for your time away, locate the United States Embassy. By having this information on hand, in an emergency does occur the Embassy can be a useful resource in helping you get the care or information you may need.

Don’t wait, seek medical attention immediately!

Even after all the plans and prevention tactics, when an injury or illness occurs, seek medical attention immediately. If symptoms seem concerning, don’t wait as the symptoms could be a sign of a serious illness. As the location and contact information for the US Embassy is helpful, also knowing where medical centers are located could be crucial in getting the medical attention you or your companions may need.

If you need health information about traveling or have been injured while away, please contact our Atlanta orthopedic doctors today at (404) 592-1186.


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