Cracking Joints – What To Know and When To Be Worried

Jan 15, 2020

Cracking Joints - What To Know and When To Be Worried | AICA Orthopedics As you bend down to pick up that pen off the floor, you hear a pop and wonder what that can be from. When joints crack, you can become worried as you are unsure if this is normal, or a sign of weakening bones. Rest easy, that popping noise you are hearing is in fact normal and does not mean your joint health is withering away.

However, although this noise is normal, pain and swelling following a cracking joint may be a sign of a potential issue. If pain and swelling are not present, rest assured the cracking sound is natural.

Why Do My Joints Pop?

With aging, the joints may crack louder as this is just a part of the aging process. As the cartilage begins to wear down, the surface of the joint becomes rougher, therefore, making louder noises. When these sounds occur such as when you walk upstairs or bend down, they may seem alarming, however, is no cause for concern. In the event of pain and swelling present, contact your orthopedic doctor for further evaluation.

Cracking Knuckles

We all know someone that cracks their knuckles and the noise can sound painful, however, for the one cracking their knuckles they are loosening the muscles and tendons around their joints which can feel satisfying for them. The popping noise heard when cracking knuckles is caused by nitrogen gas bubbles that compress and burst. The buildup of nitrogen occurs naturally around the joints. This cracking noise has a name called cavitation which means gas bubbles are released when knuckles are popped.

Keeping your body active will help to lubricate the joints which can minimize the loud sounds coming from the joints. Although the cracking of the joints is not harmful, forcing your joints to crack or having someone else crack your joints can lead to potential issues.

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