Common Types of Orthopedic Surgeries

Jul 29, 2019

Common Types of Orthopedic Surgeries | AICA OrthopedicsOrthopedic specialists perform surgeries on the musculoskeletal system, which is composed of bones, muscles, ligaments, joints, and tendons. Operations range from traditional procedures to minimally invasive, which allows for quicker recovery.

Orthopedic Surgery

The most common orthopedic procedures performed by our AICA Orthopedics team are:

  • Joint Replacement: Following surgery, patients are closely monitored to watch for any signs of complications or signs of rejection of the new prosthetic as the surgery does pose some risk. Some risk factors include prosthetic failure, so it is essential to be monitored closely and to inform your doctor of any unusual symptoms. If a replacement implant has failed, revision surgery can correct the previous implant by either fixing it or removing it entirely and replacing it with a new one.
  • Debridement: In the event of tissue death, for healing to occur, the old dead tissue must be removed through a debridement procedure, and in some cases, bone is also removed.
  • Spinal Fusion: This procedure allows for repair to the spine through the fusion of the vertebrae, which will provide better stability to the damaged spine.
  • Bone Fusion: Much like spinal fusion, this procedure uses a grafting technique to fuse bones to aid in the healing process.
  • Soft Tissue Repair: These procedures focus on torn ligaments or tendons.
  • Internal Fixation of Bones: Through the use of pins, plates, and screws, bone fragments are held together to help them heal. In some instances, pins, plates, and screws will serve as a permanent fixture in the person’s body.
  • Osteotomy: In the event of bone deformities in a child, this procedure will help correct the deformity, so the bone grows accordingly.

Areas of The Body Most Often Injured

  • Wrists: Carpal tunnel or fractures of the distal radius in the wrist is a conventional surgery seen by neurosurgeons.
  • Ankles: Whether it be sports-related, or a work-related injury due to a fall, fractures to the ankle are also common.
  • Hips: In regards to replacement procedures, the replacement of the hip joint or repair of the femoral neck is most common.
  • Spine: With spine surgeries, the most common operations are laminectomies, spinal fusions, and disc surgeries.
  • Shoulders: When repairing the shoulder, arthroscopic surgery has been proven the most effective way to repair damage to the shoulder.
  • Knees: A total knee replacement, as well as repairs to the MCL and ACL, are the most common procedures performed on the knee.

When searching for “orthopedic surgeons near me,” you may find other practices who offer similar services to AICA Orthopedics, but what you may not find is our individualized care plans and treatment options that we offer every one of our patients.

We believe our patients should be treated with the highest level of care because you are important to us. Call us today at (404) 855-2141 and let us help guide you on the road to recovery.


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