Choosing The Right Atlanta Orthopedic Doctor After A Car Accident

Jul 27, 2017

It’s important to have one of our Atlanta orthopedic doctors examine you immediately if you sustain car accident injuries. Choosing the right doctor can ensure a safe and fast recovery, but how do you determine who has the experience your injuries deserve?

Choosing An Orthopedic Doctor

Being evaluated by an orthopedic doctor who focuses on diagnosing and treating complex car accident injuries is crucial for experiencing a complete recovery. For instance, a car accident victim may need to see a physical therapist to restore strength to the injured area. They may also require an orthopedic doctor to diagnose possible fractures.

Instead of traveling to multiple offices and clinics that are not capable of providing comprehensive treatment, choose an Atlanta orthopedic clinic that offers all of the care you need. Orthopedic clinics like AICA Orthopedics specialize in treating car accident injuries and offer a variety of in-house medical specialists that work together to address the whole patient, not just the injuries.

Orthopedic Doctors That Only Treat Auto Accident Victims

Some of the most common car accident injuries include neurological damage, spinal damage, neck injuries, and fractures. It’s important to choose an Orthopedic Doctor that focuses exclusively on auto accident injuries and musculoskeletal conditions since they will know the most appropriate treatment to provide.

Making The Right Decision When It Comes To Receiving Orthopedic Treatment

When looking for an Orthopedic Doctor after a car accident, there are a variety of factors to review before scheduling an examination. Make sure to choose a clinic that provides comprehensive treatment developed by a multidisciplinary team of medical specialists – choose AICA Orthopedics.

Our orthopedic doctors serve as Atlanta’s most experienced accident injury experts and help hundreds of patients each year recover from their pain. AICA Orthopedics provides third-party billing services and accepts the majority of major health insurance providers for the convenience of our patients. We also accept same-week appointments and can provide free transportation to and from our clinic if necessary.

Call our clinic today to schedule your first appointment –  (404) 855-2141.


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