Can a Car Accident Trigger a Neurological Disorder?

Aug 12, 2020

Can a Car Accident Trigger a Neurological DisorderA car accident can cause a great deal of damage to your physical body. Fractures, dislocations, tears, cuts, and bruises are all commonplace among accident victims. But sometimes, the injuries you sustain during a car accident are far more serious and long-lasting than you initially realize. Car accidents can and frequently do trigger neurological disorders, so it’s incredibly important that you seek the care of a neurologist, spine doctor, and other car accident specialists to get the proper diagnosis and treatment that you need.

You may expect to be sore or have a few scrapes that need to heal after an accident, but what about when you don’t feel like yourself several days or weeks after you’ve been involved in a car accident? What do you do if you’re still struggling with changes in your cognitive abilities, if you’re having trouble reading and writing, if you’re experiencing decreased alertness, if you feel confused or agitated often, or if you are lethargic or fatigued? What if you’re experiencing numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, headaches, and other physical ailments that seem to have no cause? All of these things can be a sign of a neurological disorder, and the sooner you get treatment from specialty spine doctors and other medical experts, the sooner you’ll find relief from your symptoms.

Types of Neurological Disorders Caused by Car Accidents

traumatic brain injuryThe most frequently diagnosed neurological injury due to a car accident is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). These occur when the head hits a physical object, when the brain tissue is penetrated by something, or when the brain shifts so quickly that it hits the inside of the skull. TBIs can cause bleeding or bruising on the brain, which can lead to a slew of short-term and long-term problems.

Another neurological disorder that can come about from a car accident is neuropathy. This condition deals with the peripheral nervous system, which includes all the nerves in the body that aren’t in the brain or spinal cord. Neuropathy occurs when nerves are compressed, crushed, stretched, or severed, and it results in numbness, tingling, prickling sensations, and weakness. It usually comes about from a broken bone but can manifest in other ways as well.
Radiculopathy is the final type of neurological disorder that can be caused by car accidents.

This occurs when the nerves that are exiting the spinal column are damaged or compressed in some way. Radiculopathy most frequently presents in the neck and lower back, but it can show up in any area of the spine. It brings with it pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness. The force of a car accident can cause radiculopathy, even if a person has no external injuries, as the spine is often impacted far more than car accident victims realize.

How Can a Car Accident Impact Neurological Function?

Many neurological disorders come about after a physical trauma of some kind. Injuries to the head or spinal cord are the most commonly associated with neurological disorders, and that’s because so many of the body’s most important nerves are housed in the spine. The force of a car accident alone can impact the nerves and surrounding tissue, not to mention the impact of a broken bone, spinal misalignment, or head injury can have on your neurological function.

If you have a back, neck, or head injury, a spine doctor will be able to look at your vertebrae, spinal discs, and surrounding tissue to determine if any nerves may be impacted after a car accident. This can help you pinpoint the source of your neurological injury and give your medical team more information to help them properly diagnose your disorder.

Even if you didn’t injure your head or spine in an accident, any injury to nerves, no matter where they are, can bring about a neurological disorder. A spine doctor is a valuable resource as they are often experts in the nervous system as well, and they can assist in forming a correct diagnosis to get you the best and most effective treatment.

Trust AICA Orthopedics for Car Accident Treatment

Whether your car accident resulted in a head injury, a spinal injury, a broken bone, or something else, if you suspect a neurological disorder of any kind, you need the car accident experts at AICA Orthopedics. Our team of spine doctors, neurologists, and other medical specialists will work together to provide you with the best and most comprehensive care to ensure your complete healing. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at a location near you.


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