Atlanta Orthopedic Treatment For Concussions and Student Athletes

Aug 7, 2017

Medical studies are continuously released these days that outline the short and long-term health consequences of concussions. Concussions among student-athletes attract a lot of media attention, and rightfully so. If a child sustains a concussion, they could experience severe damage if the symptoms aren’t addressed as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, concussions do not always produce symptoms that are immediately apparent since they are not always accompanied by a loss of consciousness. In fact, our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors explain that such results only occur in one in ten concussions among student-athletes.

Recognizing Concussions In Student-Athletes

If your student-athletes is knocked down or takes a significant blow to their head, they may begin to experience headaches, dizziness, pressure, or temporary confusion. If this happens, it’s important to take your child to an Orthopedic Doctor right away for a complete examination.

Parents can help prevent concussions by speaking with their child’s coaches or their school’s administrators to learn more about policies that focus on helping student-athletes avoid such injuries. Talking with your kids about the importance of their long-term health and helping them gain perspective on the value of their well-being over the temporary excitement of their game can also contribute to preventing concussions. Educating your child on how they can detect symptoms related to concussions helps them understand how they can protect their body, as well as alert an adult if they recognize abnormalities.

Other Common Sports-Related Injuries Treated By Our Orthopedic Doctors

Our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors also help student-athletes overcome injuries such as strains, sprains, fractures, tears, and tendonitis. Not only do we help treat these conditions, but we can also provide education on the importance of warming up and stretching before participating in sports activities.

Encouraging student-athletes to engage their talents without overstraining or overwhelming their bodies can help prevent a plethora of potential injuries – allowing them to remain active and healthy for the long-term.

If your student-athlete does sustain a sports-related injury or a concussion, contact AICA Orthopedics to schedule an examination. Our Orthopedic Doctors can diagnose their condition and develop a personalized treatment plan that helps your child overcome their symptoms and return to the sports field safely.

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