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An Easier Recovery From Ankle Fractures

Jun 24, 2020

An Easier Recovery From Ankle Fractures | AICA OrthopedicsAt AICA Orthopedics, we strive to bring our patients the most current and effective treatment options allowing for the most successful recovery. With ankle injuries, in previous years placing a cast and weight-bearing restrictions was a common practice. However, we have learned of improved practices such as a removable boot for optimal recovery.

Ankle Fracture Treatment

Although surgery may seem invasive, in some cases, surgical intervention can allow for alignment to be corrected, which can improve functionality. Our goal is always to provide our patients with the least invasive measures. However, surgery may be the best option for certain injuries.

A Modern Approach To Ankle Fracture Trauma

By placing patients in removable boots following surgery, our surgeons have found that patients have had higher success in regaining functionality. The ability to bear weight on the ankle improves strength and allows the patient to return to their normal activities at an increased rate.

Although this may have seemed like an unusual practice twenty years ago, our research has shown that allowing patients to bear weight following ankle surgery has no adverse effects on the patient. Recovery times have also shown improvement when bearing weight is introduced into the treatment plan.

Our research has shown that ankle fracture patients who immediately bear weight have increased mobility, decreased hospital stay, and an earlier return to normal activities. The ability to wear a removable boot also provides the patient with comfort in the ability to move around and participate in their lives in the least restrictive way possible.

Treatment at AICA Orthopedics

This approach to ankle fracture treatment and recovery is just one example of how our team of Atlanta orthopedic doctors continue to bring the most current and effective treatment options to our Atlanta patients. Our team is devoted to continuing research and development to serve our patients better. If you are looking for the most current treatment options for your ankle injury, contact our team at (404) 855-2141 to schedule an appointment today!


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