The Value of Orthopedic Bracing

Apr 18, 2018

Braces and splints provide a world of value for patients who suffer from chronic or acute conditions. Orthopedic bracing is primarily used to address various injuries and such devices are supported with scientific research that proves their value for injury prevention and recovery.

If you have never used some type of orthopedic brace to treat an injury, consider the following information that highlights the benefits of devices that are commonly recommended to patients at AICA Orthopedics.

Types of Orthopedic Braces

Unloader Knee Brace

Unloader knee braces are primary used to reduce pain for patients who suffer from osteoarthritis in one of their knees. Such braces are created to apply additional pressure to the affected area as a means for reducing the weight that’s placed on the central knee compartment. In studies conducted by orthopedic doctors throughout the country, unloader knee braces are proven to help relieve pain and improve functionality.

Patellar Brace

Patellar braces are often used to address anterior knee pain and help keep the kneecap locked in a set position. This type of orthopedic brace helps patients who suffer from patellofemoral pain syndrome and are meant to be used for short periods of time.

Knee Immobilizer

This particular type of orthopedic brace is use to support a variety of traumatic knee injuries. Patients who rupture their quadriceps, medical collateral ligaments, or their patellar tendon benefit from the use of a knee immobilizer.

Functional Ankle Brace

Used to address acute ankle sprains, functional ankle braces reduce the risk of future injuries for those who have a history sustaining this type of injury.

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