Achieve Success This Weekend

Jan 13, 2020

Achieve Success This Weekend | AICA Orthopedics With winter upon us, colds, the flu, icy falls and skiing accidents are on the rise. The weather changing is inevitable, but the decline in your health can be handled. Chiropractic care can provide you with many benefits this winter season. Preventative measures can go along way as the temperature begins to decline, and chiropractic care can help you to feel your best.

Prevention Is The Best Medicine

As temperatures change, and the influx of germs creep their way into our homes, and colds and the flu can compromise your immune system. Stress, lack of sleep, and being subjected to crowded areas can increase the risk of illness.

Fortunately, chiropractic care can help to combat illness all while eliminating pain and stiffness in the body. The nervous system is responsible for communicating messages to the brain and other parts of the body. As it is housed in the spine, if the spine is not properly maintained, it can wreak havoc throughout the body. With a simple spinal adjustment, the function of the nervous system can greatly improve, making it easier for your body to fight off germs and other harmful bacteria.

Seasonal Affective Seasonal Disorder (SAD)

As the winter months approach, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can appear in people. This condition is a form of depression and occurs with the change in seasons. With fewer hours of sunlight, cooler weather, and darker days as well as the stress of the holidays, it can leave people feeling overwhelmed and drain their energy hindering their ability to perform daily activities. Although this typically only occurs with the season change, this condition is much like depression and affects people in the same way.

Much like depression, there is no cure-all; however, with chiropractic care, SAD can be managed by regulating hormone production with stimulation to the nervous system. With this manipulation of hormone production, serotonin is increased, and a balance of melatonin is established, leading to an improved level of health. Correction of the spinal column can also lead to improved feelings and emotions as the central nervous system improves the communication lines through the body. Aside from adjustments, our chiropractors can provide counseling on ways to improve nutrition and ways to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle.

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Although we can’t stop the cold from coming, we can certainly plan and ensure our body is prepared for what is ahead. To start the winter season off right, contact our Atlanta orthopedic doctors for all your chiropractic needs. If you are looking to manage your pain, improve your overall health, or just looking for a way to improve your current lifestyle, contact AICA Orthopedics today by dialing (404) 855-2141 and schedule an appointment!


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