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Your First Line of Defense For Accident Injuries

Oct 16, 2019

Your First Line of Defense For Accident Injuries | AICA OrthopedicsNo one anticipates for an accident to occur, so planning for one may seem a bit strange. It is, however, essential to know what to do in the event an emergency does happen to make sure that you are protected.

What To Expect For Most Accidents

If you are injured in an auto accident or a slip and fall accident and sustain injuries, often, paramedics or firefighters will be the first ones on the scene, and you must allow them to evaluate you even if you think you are okay.

The shock could be playing a factor in your mental state, and because of that, injuries not seen on the surface may be missed. It is always best for first responders to properly evaluate you and have them suggest whether or not you need to be seen by a doctor right away.

Medical Doctors

Following an accident, a trip to your family doctor isn’t always a bad idea. However, they don’t always specialize in treating the conditions in which you may have endured in the accident. A soft tissue injury could be overlooked by your family doctor, so it is always best to follow up with an Atlanta, accident doctor, or orthopedic specialist who specializes in treating those types of injuries.

Chiropractic Care

Working with one of our Atlanta chiropractors following an accident allows for a natural healing approach with no side effects, which makes this particular approach so attractive for accident victims. A chiropractor can diagnose and treat a multitude of injuries ranging from soft tissue injuries to spinal misalignments and provide effective treatments to manage the pain.

Orthopedic Doctors

When the victim of an accident suffers a fracture, ligament tear, or a spinal injury, an Atlanta, orthopedic doctor is often called to assess the patient. If the doctor feels it is needed, they will order an MRI to get a better picture of what is going and then, from there, determine if surgery is needed. It is up to the patient in most cases if they elect to have the surgical procedure; however, if the condition is life-threatening, surgery may be necessary.

If you have endured an injury due to an accident, contact AICA Orthopedics for a consultation to learn about all of your treatment options. Call today, at (404) 855-2141.


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