What to Say When Someone Is Hurt in an Accident

May 31, 2022

What to Say When Someone Is Hurt in an Accident If you have ever been in an accident, then you understand just how scary and traumatic it can be both physically and emotionally. The shock and stress of getting into an accident and dealing with the aftermath can be difficult to shoulder alone. One of the best things you can do to support someone you care about is to check in with them and ask how you can help. If your friend or loved one has suffered any car accident injuries on top of dealing with the accident, then they are likely feeling very stressed and overwhelmed. From scheduling doctors’ appointments to sorting out car repairs and insurance claims, dealing with a car accident is not an easy thing to manage. Check out these ideas for what to say when someone you know is hurt in an accident and find out how you can best support them in their time of need.

Words of Comfort After a Car Accident

It helps to get a sense of how the person you know has been impacted by the car accident so you can know the right thing to say. You can offer words of comfort after a car accident that range from cheerful and encouraging to supportive and helpful. You may choose what words to say to a friend or family member based on your relationship to them and how close you may be to them physically or emotionally. If someone you know has been injured in a car accident, you want to be sure to recognize the gravity of their situation and try to lift their spirits after a car accident.

“I’m so glad you’re okay!”

Try this simple message to let someone know that you care and are thinking of them after their accident. Car accident injuries can happen even with minor collisions like a fender-bender. You can share genuine relief that your friend or loved one is safe and let them know you care. Even a short and sweet message like this reminds someone they are loved and that they have not been forgotten.

“We are rooting for your swift recovery.”

When someone has been injured in an accident, positive encouragement can help them on their journey to recovery. Some car accident injuries can take longer than others to recover from, and this can encourage them to know that others believe in their ability to fully heal from their injuries. Focus attention on any progress they are making, which can help take their mind off the injuries themselves.

“Looks like you are recovering well!”

If the recovery process takes longer than they expect, continued encouragement goes a long way. Many people are quick to check in immediately after the accident. Don’t forget to check in on your friend or family member through their recovery process, too. As the messages wear off, they may start to feel discouraged. Checking on and acknowledging their progress toward recovery can go a long way to boosting their mood.

“The way you’ve handled this challenge is inspiring.”

When someone has suffered a serious injury after an accident, it can be such a daunting experience to go through the treatment and healing process. Letting someone know that you recognize all their efforts and how they rose to the challenge can help them gather the strength they need to keep working toward their goals. Let someone know when they can inspire you. That simple message can, in turn, inspire them to continue to face the challenge of recovering from their injuries.

“I’d like to bring you dinner. When could I drop something by?”

After an accident, the last thing someone wants to do is worry about planning, scheduling, or coordinating one more thing. Between phone calls and forms at doctors’ offices, repair shops, and with their insurance company, your friend likely has enough to worry about. Let them know you plan to bring a meal and just want to know when a good time would be to drop it off. A tangible gift of help can help them focus on their recovery and take the pressure off dealing with everyday tasks like cooking a meal for the family.

“We will be here for you every step of the way.”

Not everyone can bounce back after a car accident in just a few hours or days. Some car accident injuries can take weeks or even months to fully heal from. Let your friend or loved one know that you will be there for them through the entire process as they recover from a traumatic event. Someone recovering from a car accident injury will appreciate your unwavering encouragement, help, and support.

How to Support Someone Who’s Been in an Accident

In addition to words of sympathy for an injury, there are tangible ways to be there for your friend or family member as well. Here are four ways you can support someone who’s been in an accident.

Offer to sit with them

Sometimes all we need is someone to just be there with us when we go through something difficult. The aftermath of a car accident can leave you dealing with complicated feelings and emotions and even heightened depression and anxiety. Simply spending quality time with your friend can help them overcome depression after the accident and help them focus on the present and future. You don’t have to talk about the accident, their injuries, or their progress toward recovery. Instead, you can chat about things you always used to before the accident, like a new favorite tv show or a book recommendation. Sometimes after a traumatic event like a car accident, a person just wants to know that someone will be there with them through it all.

Deliver a care package

A care package is a great way to deliver items that bring comfort and solace whether they are recovering in the hospital or at home. If their injuries have kept them in the hospital, then you could send them a soft blanket or pair of comfortable slippers. A care package with snacks that are easy to grab and some of their favorite comfort items will also mean a lot to them. Support their family with a gift card to their favorite restaurant or offer to grab groceries for them to help them skip the trip to the store. A combination of cozy items, recovery supplies, and entertainment will go a long way toward making them feel loved and cared for by you.

Take them to appointments

Don’t forget the old saying: actions speak louder than words. Check in on your friend or loved one to see if they need help getting to or from appointments. If you are able, offer to take them to an appointment so they don’t have to worry about whether or not they have a ride. You could also offer to pick up their car when the repairs are finished. It can be hard for people to ask for help in this way because they don’t want to feel like an inconvenience. When you offer to take them somewhere, it takes the pressure off them having to ask if they need help but don’t want to bother you. Some treatment and recovery plans may require multiple trips a week, which can get costly, especially if their car is in the shop!

Participate in recovery efforts

If you are close with someone who has been injured in a car accident, then you may be able to help participate in their recovery efforts. Their doctor may recommend they go through certain stretches or exercises that help them strengthen and improve their mobility after an injury. You can offer to go through these activities alongside them so they don’t feel so alone. A person may also require concussion recovery and checking on them for any observable signs or changes. If someone suffers a concussion, the doctor may recommend waking them up every few hours for the first night. Concussion symptoms and other injury symptoms can affect the ability to complete everyday tasks, and someone nearby to help can be such a great benefit.

What to Expect After a Car Accident

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, then it is important to know what to expect. Even a small fender-bender could have a lasting effect on someone’s mental and physical well-being. Don’t dismiss someone’s feelings or injuries because the accident didn’t seem that serious to you. Every person’s experience is different, and it is more helpful for you to be there for someone and care. Also, recognize that some car accident injuries can take hours or even days for symptoms to appear. Getting a diagnosis and starting a treatment plan for car accident injuries can be an involved process. You should always work with a car accident doctor who specializes in these types of injuries and treatments. Visit AICA Orthopedics near you to learn more about our team of car accident doctors and how they can support you through your treatment and recovery.


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