What is Spinal Health and How Can You Achieve It?

Feb 8, 2019

Think of an old gate and how sometimes it needs a little extra push to open. What happens when that gate doesn’t receive the care it needs?

The Importance of Joint Health

The next time you try to push the gate you may have to put a little more force to get in and then maybe the next time the gate is so damaged it takes an even greater force to get through. The resistance is a direct result in the gate becoming rusty due to lack of care.

Now, think about your joints and how they may go without that extra care and one day you find yourself struggling to bend, or find it harder to bend just to pick up something off the floor. When joints aren’t worked out properly the range of motion can begin to decrease resulting in arthritis.

Being conscious of maintaining a good spinal health and hygiene will go along way in ensuring that limited joint function does not become permanent and degeneration of the spine does not occur.

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