Weightlifting and Teenagers? Not A Good Idea For Long-Term Health

Sep 10, 2018

Does weight lifting stunt growth in kids under 18 (what does the science say)?

It does not. If done safely and with proper form, weightlifting is healthy and does not harm growth at all.

Weightlifting For Teenagers

Kids can can develop pain and injury from overuse by doing any activity too often, too intensely or with little rest. The most important keys to keeping them safe is supervision and proper instruction.

Why do people believe that lifting weights stunts growth?
There is often a lot of misinformation about health topics, word of mouth frequently spreads these rumors. Ask your Atlanta orthopedic doctor before starting or abstaining from certain activities.

Any tips for teenagers who want to lift weights?
Finding a good coach that has experience working with kids your age is that safest way to get started. When lifting weights, make sure you’re lifting safely, with good movement patterns and form. Although you won’t “bulk up” until further along into puberty, you will get stronger.

What age is safe to start lifting weights?
Age is not as important as maturity and proper supervision. Safely lifting weights depends on the athlete’s maturity to follow safety rules and work steadily and safely to build a healthy foundation.

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