Spinal Cord Surgery

Spinal Cord Surgery

The spinal cord is composed of 31 sensitive nerve bundles that are protected by the bony vertebrae of the spine. It is part of the central nervous system and plays an integral role in sending and receiving messages from the brain to tell the body how to function optimally. Injury to the spinal cord can drastically affect body function such as motor and sensory functions. Some spinal cord injuries may require immediate Spinal cord surgery to correct the problem while for other types of conditions, spinal cord surgery can be delayed. Undergoing any type of spinal surgery can be scary and overwhelming. The spine is essential for movement and function. But at AICA Orthopedics, highly professional and expert spinal surgeons have vast knowledge and experience in their field of medicine to give you peace of mind that you are in skilled and qualified hands. Our AICA Orthopedics spinal surgeons want to help you find relief from injury and pain that may inhibit you from living life to the fullest.

Reasons to Undergo Spinal Cord Surgery

Spinal cord surgery can be an option for several different spinal conditions. Spinal decompression surgery relieves pressure from the spinal cord by removing bone, discs, or tumors that may be pressing up against the spinal cord, causing nerve impingement. Spinal fusion surgery fuses together vertebrae of the spine to stabilize the spine and protect the spinal cord. Other reasons for spinal cord surgery include removing blood clots or bone fragments, repairing herniated discs or fractured vertebrae, or to correct spinal or nerve damage. Your AICA Orthopedics spinal surgeon can assess your injury to determine what course of action best addresses your spinal injury.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is the most common reason for spinal cord surgery.  This condition is caused by a narrowing of the spine causing the vertebrae of the spine to press upon the spinal cord.  The severity of spinal stenosis will determine what type of spinal cord surgery will be performed to correct compression upon the spinal cord.  A laminotomy surgery involved removing bones that are pressing on spinal nerves to alleviate the pressure and ease back pain.  This is the most commonly performed procedure.  A foraminotomy can also be done to enlarge the compressed area around the spinal cord to make more room for the spinal cord and to relieve pressure on the compressed nerves.  Another spinal cord surgery involved using an interspinous process spacer to open up narrowed vertebrae and create space for the spinal cord and nerves.  This type of surgery is advantageous because it does not require any removal of bone which results in less potential trauma to surrounding ligaments and muscles near the spine.  AICA Orthopedics spinal surgeons have experience and knowledge involving all potential spinal cord surgeries.  A proper assessment of the spine can help spinal surgeons determine which surgical procedure is the appropriate course of treatment for your pain or injury.  MRI scans will aid in the diagnosis process as they give surgeons a close-up look at the problematic area to determine exactly where injury has occurred.  AICA Orthopedics offers high-tech imaging scans on-site so that our skilled surgeons can make an accurate diagnosis and proceed with the necessary treatment to correct your specific injury

Recovery from Spinal Cord Surgery

Spinal Cord Surgery

Physical therapy for rehabilitation from spinal cord surgery will occur after the surgery. The sooner a patient is up and moving, the easier the recovery process will be.  Physical therapists work with patients to provide exercises that increase range of motion, decrease stiffness and swelling, and provide a quicker, more efficient recovery from spinal cord surgery.  It can take several months to heal and notice an improvement, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel a difference right away.  Our team of specialists at AICA Orthopedics will work with you to provide support and guidance throughout the entire process.  Thankfully, specialists ranging from pain management specialists, radiologists, physical therapists, and neurologists are all located in one convenient building to provide comprehensive care to treat every aspect of your injury with precision and care.  Call today to schedule an appointment and find relief from debilitating back pain.

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