Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

To move and get around easily, you must have full use of your knee joint.  The knee is imperative for all types of activity, walking, moving, sitting, standing, and everything in between.  Wear and tear on the knee is common, especially as we get older.  Conditions such as osteoarthritis can make matters worse.  Cartilage in the knee acts as a shock absorber for stable and smooth movement. Osteoarthritis causes the wearing away of cartilage in the knee.  As cartilage thins, you may begin to notice inflammation, stiffness, reduced range of motion and pain in the knee joint.  When the condition worsens, it can eventually lead to the loss of all cartilage in the knee joint.  Without the cartilage between bones, the bones scrape against each other and can cause extreme pain and even immobility.  Knee replacement surgery can restore function to the knee with a prosthetic knee.  In cases where damage to the knee joint is only on one side, a partial knee replacement surgery can also be an option.  AICA Orthopedics knee specialists can diagnosis knee damage and help you determine which course of action is in your best interest.

When to Consider Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

Partial knee replacement surgery is usually a last result after all other less invasive methods have not yielded the desired results.  Your knee specialists may want you to consider partial knee replacement surgery is symptoms of knee pain persisted over time.  For example, if you have taken anti-inflammatory medication and yet knee pain persists, it could be time to consider more invasive options such as knee replacement surgery.  You may also be a candidate for partial knee replacement surgery if an x-ray shows significant degeneration, you only have damage to one compartment of the knee and the surrounding areas of the knee remain stable, or you are younger and still fairly active.  Consult a knee specialist at AICA Orthopedics for assessment and find out if a partial knee replacement surgery is the right next step in your treatment process.

Advantage of Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

A partial knee replacement has an advantage over a full knee replacement surgery as it is less invasive.  A partial knee replacement requires a smaller incision and thus has fewer risks involved.  Patients usually require less recovery time and are able to resume normal activities sooner than those who undergo a full knee replacement surgery.  This type of surgery also preserves more healthy tissue and bone so that range of motion isn’t as affected.  In fact, range of motion is likely to return more quickly with this surgical procedure than a full knee replacement.  Patients also experience less blood loss.  Should the need ever arise, patients who have received partial knee replacements are still candidates for a full replacement.  The many advantages of a partial knee replacement surgery make it the first choice for many patients and knee surgeons if the qualifications match.

Expert Orthopedic Specialists at AICA Orthopedics

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

Restoring knee function is important to living a normal life.  At AICA Orthopedics, you are in good hands.  Our team of specialists, including knee surgeons, physical therapists, neurologists, and pain management specialists are expertly trained and highly skilled.  Patients can experience desirable outcomes after partial knee replacement surgery when they work with our team of specialists who have many years of experience and vast knowledge in their field of expertise.  From initial diagnosis to the surgical procedure and recovery process, you will receive comprehensive care from our team who will guide and support you along the way.  At AICA Orthopedics, our patients have the benefit of being able to work with orthopedic specialists all in one convenient location.  We make it easy to schedule appointments, consult with specialists, and receive rehabilitation services in one easy-to-find building.  You don’t have to live life in pain.  Our top priority at AICA Orthopedics is to help improve your quality of life so that you can experience relief from pain and live life to the fullest.  Call today to find out more information or to set up a consultation to see if you are a good candidate for partial knee replacement surgery.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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