Treating A Dislocated Shoulder With Atlanta Orthopedic

Aug 18, 2017

Shoulder dislocations are often related to sports injuries, slip and fall accidents, and car collisions. Depending on the extent of the damage, dislocations can force you to miss work and limit your daily routine. Trying to ignore your symptoms or avoiding treatment can lead to muscle damage, as well as contribute to the development of other chronic conditions.

If you experience chronic hip pain or recently were recently injured in an accident, contact AICA Orthopedics to schedule an appointment. Our Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors can examine your condition to diagnose the source of your pain and alleviate your symptoms using holistic solutions that work naturally with your body.

Recognizing Shoulder Dislocations

The shoulders allow for the greatest range of motion of any joint in your body and require a significant amount of flexibility to function. Shoulders enable you to perform basic to complex activities that range from combing your hair to carrying luggage across work.

If a dislocation occurs, patients are unable to rotate their shoulders without experiencing intense pain. Other symptoms to remain mindful of include:

  • Deep bruising
  • Inflammation
  • Sharp pain
  • Deformation
  • Sensitivity
  • Weakness, inability to move your arm


How Orthopedic Doctors Diagnose Shoulder Dislocations

If you are experiencing any symptoms that suggest the presence of a dislocated shoulder, you should consult with one of our Orthopedic Doctors as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage. We can perform a complete evaluation of your shoulder to determine the source of your pain, using X-rays or MRIs to look deep inside the affected area to determine the most appropriate treatment plan.

Atlanta Orthopedic Treatment For A Dislocated Shoulder

Patients are often treated with conservative and proactive solutions to receive the best chance for a complete recovery. Your Orthopedic Doctor will likely provide a sling to help support and protect the dislocated joint.

They will also likely prescribe a constant rotation of ice and heat to address particular symptoms like inflammation. Once you are in a position where you can exercise your shoulder joint, your Orthopedic Doctor will work with you to restore your range of motion. Contact AICA Orthopedics to learn more about our approach to treating shoulder dislocations, as well as what options may be appropriate for you.

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