Treat Lower Back Pain With Orthopedic Care

Jul 11, 2017

It concerns our Atlanta orthopedic doctors to learn about patients who suffer from lower back pain that won’t go away on its own. Chronic pain often indicates the presence of other underlying conditions that require in-depth orthopedic treatment.

If you experience chronic lower back pain for more than a few days and are trying to ignore your symptoms or delay treatment, it’s unreasonable to believe that your condition will improve. In situations like this, it’s highly recommended to consult with one of AICA Orthopedics doctors.

Common Causes of Low Back Pain

Orthopedic doctors focus on treating musculoskeletal conditions that are caused by overuse, strain, and trauma. Most patients who experience chronic lower back pain: were involved in an accident of some kind, are overweight, maintain inappropriate posture, are not receiving enough support from their office chair, or attempted to lift/carry a heavy object without using the right equipment.

Symptoms associated with chronic lower back pain include headaches, pulsating pain, stiffness, and inflammation. Warm packs, over-the-counter medications, and resting can help alleviate low back pain, but often do not serve as permanent solutions. When you meet with our Atlanta orthopedic doctors, you’ll be able to see how orthopedic treatment offers more than temporary pain relief. With personalized treatment, you can experience a safe and fast recovery that includes permanent pain relief.

Atlanta Orthopedic Treatment For Low Back Pain

One of the most useful orthopedic techniques for treating low back pain is a spinal adjustment. This particular treatment solution consists of manual adjustments that are rendered using a combination of gentle and direct forces applied to the lower back. Adjustments help ease tension, which reduces inflammation, while also realigning particular parts of your lower back area to support healthy circulation.

By restoring a healthy circulation, your body can transfer blood to sensitive areas of your lower back, which helps reduce pain and stress. Depending on your condition, your Atlanta orthopedic doctor may also recommend following through with physical therapy or tissue massage to strengthen and support your core muscles. Your Orthopedic Doctor can also teach you some exercises to perform on your own time, helping you improve your mobility and compliment your office treatment sessions.

Visit AICA Orthopedics For Permanent Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain is common and can be treated without using prescription medications or invasive tactics. Our Atlanta orthopedic doctors help hundreds of patients each year recover from back pain and can help you, too. AICA Orthopedics is Atlanta’s most experienced back pain specialists, serving the community for over 20 years and helping patients return to their routines quickly and safely. If you are in pain, contact our orthopedic clinic today – just dial (404) 855-2141.


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