Treat Back and Neck Pain Without Pills

Feb 16, 2018

Certain prescription pills contain adverse side effects and offer temporary pain relief for accident injuries, conditions, and other forms of physical trauma. Cortisone shots provide immediate relief for patients who experience inflammation, sciatica, arthritis, back pain, or neck pain. Ask one of the Atlanta Orthopedic Doctors at AICA Orthopedics if cortisone shots are an appropriate solution for your condition.

Cortisone Shots For Pain Relief

Although cortisone shots do not directly address pain, they do immediately treat inflammation caused by a variety of factors. Inflammation, particularly in joints, can lead to debilitating levels of pressure and pain. Corticosteriods operate by mirroring the natural anti-inflammatory hormones the body produces.

Your AICA Orthopedics doctor will inject cortisone in targeted areas around the affected joints. When the inflammation starts to go down, patients are able to experience greater mobility and work towards a complete recovery.

Viable Alternative To Traditional Pain Relief Solutions

For those who have managed a particular painful condition for some time, cortisone shots serve as a viable alternative solution to traditional pain relief techniques. Many painkillers and medications are not effective for treating inflammation and only provide temporary relief. And, therapeutic options that focus on restrengthening damaged muscles are slow to achieve tangible results.

Back and neck injuries have the potential to render patients immobile, which can cause conditions and injuries to worsen. Cortisone shots are great for providing enough stability and relief for patients so that they can follow through with their recovery plans without being exposed to additional health risks.

Ask Our Orthopedic Doctors If Cortisone Shots Are Appropriate For You

Cortisone shots are an excellent solutions for many patients who suffer from pain or are managing an accident injury. Still, they are powerful formulas that possess particular limitations. Corticosteroids mimic the natural anti-inflammatory hormones that body produces, which may diminish the ability for the body to fend off infection. Cortisone shots also have the potential to destabilize a patient’s blood sugar, which can be harmful for those who manage diabetes.

Ask one of the orthopedic doctors at AICA Orthopedics to learn more about the potential benefits of cortisone shots and if they are appropriate for your health needs. Dial (404) 855-2141 to schedule a consultation or to set up a complete examination.


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