The 7 Most Common Knee Injuries

Oct 18, 2019

man running and injuring leg- 7 most common knee injuries featured by aica orthopedics The knee is one part of your body that is put under a lot of stress every day. This joint can very easily be overworked or injured. Typically, this kind of injury requires a visit to the doctor.


Letting any knee injury go without treatment can result in very serious issues that can make it impossible or very painful to do anything. Some of these injuries are more common than others. Here are some of the most common knee injuries our AICA knee doctors see, and what can cause them.




It’s very easy to fracture your knee—simply fall on it the wrong way, and you can damage one or more of the bones around the knee. The most common bone to break is the kneecap, or the patella. A bad fall, a car accident, or any other trauma to the knee can cause a fracture or a broken bone.




Another common injury to the knee is to dislocate it. Dislocation means that the bones are no longer correctly aligned. This makes it very painful and difficult to walk. Your knee can become dislocated if you’re injured by falling or playing sports, in a car accident, or experience a blow to the knee.




Tendonitis or patellar tendinitis can occur when the knee joint becomes inflamed. The tendon connecting the shinbone to the kneecap becomes overworked, leading to this type of inflammation. Tendonitis is often seen in those who run or who engage in physical activity often. The condition is also sometimes called jumper’s knee because it’s very common in athletes who jump hurdles or do other sports that involve jumping.




The bursae in the knee are small sacs of fluid that act as a cushion for the joints. They make it possible for the ligaments and the tendons in the joint to slide without pain. If the bursae become inflamed due to overuse, the knee can no longer move as easily. Bursitis is generally not that serious, thankfully, and can often be treated with rest.


Injury to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament


The anterior cruciate ligament, better known as the ACL, keeps the knee joint stable. This injury can be fairly mild, but it can also be very serious, and in some cases, it can require surgery to repair. It’s very common for those who play football and other contact sports to suffer an ACL injury. In fact, some professional athletes have had their careers ended due to multiple ACL injuries. However, you don’t have to play sports to damage the ACL and require surgery. If you have questions on this surgery, check out the most popular questions asked about ACL surgery.

Tearing the Tendons


The bones and muscles in the knee are connected to each other with tendons. These soft tissues can be damaged, making it difficult to move. Again, this type of damage is more common for athletes and those who are more physically active, but tendons can be damaged from falling or any other type of damage to the knee, too.


Iliotibial Band Syndrome


The iliotibial band is found on the exterior of the knee. If it rubs against the knee joint, it can lead to pain and irritation. This pain is often fairly mild in the beginning, so many people tend to ignore it. However, it will get worse without rest, becoming more painful to where it can no longer be ignored. Those who run long distances, such as marathon runners, often deal with iliotibial band syndrome. The only real cure is to stop running and let the band heal.


Knee Injuries Can Be Serious—Seek Care Today


An injury to your knee can have life-long consequences if it’s not treated quickly. That’s why we take every knee injury seriously. Our orthopedic specialists start with using modern imaging tools to diagnose the injury before creating a treatment plan that will have you up and moving without pain as quickly as possible. Contact us today to make an appointment.


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